A Guide to Sustainable Water Storage Solutions: Australian Standards and Beyond

Water tanks are environmentally friendly as they store rainwater, providing an alternative water supply for drinking, washing, and outdoor use. Rainwater usage can reduce water bills and alleviate pressure on main water supplies.

Why Water Tanks are a Sustainable Choice


Investing in water tanks makes sense both environmentally and financially. A well-made stainless steel water tank can last for 30 years or more, contributing up to 20% water conservation for your family. As the global population is expected to reach 10 billion in three decades with no increase in available freshwater, sustainable water sources become crucial.

When selecting a water tank, consider construction materials, especially durability. Many water tanks degrade over time due to sun exposure, limiting their recyclability. Concrete tanks last for decades but are more expensive. Fiberglass tanks are limited in size and not generally recyclable. Opt for environmentally friendly options like steel tanks with long lifespans and excellent recyclability.

The Increasing Popularity of Sustainable Water Storage Tanks


Water tanks collect rainwater for various uses, promoting environmental friendliness and reducing reliance on public water supplies. Rainwater harvesting, using eco-friendly construction materials, involves a water tank, catchment, drainage system, and optional plumbing for household use.

Choose steel tanks for durability and recyclability. Filtering rainwater may not be necessary for garden and lawn irrigation, allowing rich nutrients to benefit plants. Rainwater harvesting is environmentally beneficial, reducing the impact of weather extremes, restoring groundwater quality, lowering carbon footprints, and aiding in drought-proofing.

Water Storage Sustainability


Rainwater harvesting benefits the environment by reducing the impact of weather extremes, restoring groundwater quality, and lowering carbon footprints. Harvested water can be used to put out fires and reduces reliance on municipal water infrastructure, contributing to drought-proofing.

  • Reduces the impact of weather extremes such as rain and drought.
  • Can be used to put out fires.
  • Restores the quality of your groundwater.
  • Lowers your carbon footprint.

Installing water tanks on-site reduces stormwater runoff, saving water for essential use and promoting ground infiltration. 

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