Tank Liner Products – Water is a vital resource. But what if this essential resource wasn’t as pure and secure as it should be? 

Numerous factors can impact the life and integrity of your water, potentially affecting its quality and safety. Most underground tanks should last at least 20 years. However, the tank’s construction, installation, and maintenance, as well as the soil conditions, can all have an impact on its longevity. 

This is where water tank liner products become very crucial. But in what way exactly, you may ask. Keep reading to discover the invaluable protection tank liners provide.

Five Reasons Why Water Tank Liners Matter

1. They Help Prevent Rust and Corrosion

Water tank liner products are essential for the prevention of rust and corrosion on the tank itself. Without proper lining, most tanks, typically made of metal, are prone to rusting over time, which can lead to harmful contaminants leaching into your water supply. 

This corrosion can compromise the safety of your previously potable water. By installing water tank liners, you can eliminate the risk of rust and corrosion, ensuring a secure and safe water supply for those who rely on it. 

Here are some ways to prevent rust and corrosion in water tanks:

      • – Cathodic Protection. Consider cathodic protection systems, such as sacrificial anodes or impressed current systems, to safeguard against corrosion. These systems redirect corrosive forces away from the tank’s structure.

      • – Regular Cleaning. Clean the tank’s interior to remove sediment and debris that can contribute to corrosion. Regular cleaning helps maintain water quality and prevents rust-promoting contaminants.

      • – Consult Experts. Seek guidance from experts like Raven Tanks in tank lining and corrosion prevention. They can recommend the most suitable liner materials and provide valuable insights into maintenance and corrosion control.

    2. They Help Impermeability

    The most important advantage of investing in water tank liner products is that they help prevent the occurrence of micro-leaks, which would otherwise be disastrous for your tank. When your tank begins to crack, water will leak into the soil. 

    While this is happening, many harmful bacteria and contagions, such as pseudomonas, legionella, and biofilm, may find their way into the water. This immediately renders your water unsafe. Fortunately, water tank liner products are a safe and effective way to avoid this.

    Water tank liners play a crucial role in enhancing impermeability in water tanks. Here’s how they achieve this:

        • – Safeguard Water Quality. Liners maintain the quality and purity of the stored water by preventing any contact with the tank’s material, essential for various applications, including drinking water, to ensure that the water remains safe and free from contaminants.

        • – Provide Long-Term Reliability. Impermeability is essential for the reliable storage and distribution of water. Water tank liners ensure that the tank remains impermeable over the long term, providing a secure and dependable water supply.

        • – Safeguard Water Quality. Liners maintain the quality and purity of the stored water by preventing any contact with the tank’s material, essential for various applications, including drinking water, to ensure that the water remains safe and free from contaminants.

      3. They Boost Tank Durability

      The tank liner significantly increases the life of your tank. Water tanks are subjected to a variety of harsh conditions that jeopardize their structural integrity and, as a result, the safety of your water. Your water will be safe as long as your tank is properly secured. As a result, if your tank does not have a liner, installing one will give it new life and ensure that you will have clean and safe water for a long time.

      Water tank liners significantly boost tank durability in several ways:

          • – Resist Wear and Tear. Liners made from durable materials are highly resistant to wear and tear. They withstand the stresses of prolonged water storage, minimizing the risk of liver damage and maintaining the tank’s structural integrity.

          • – Protect the Environment. By preventing leaks or seepage, tank liners also protect the surrounding environment. Contamination from water tanks can harm soil and water sources, but liners actively guard against such environmental damage.

          • – Extend Lifespan. The combination of corrosion prevention, leak prevention, and reduced wear and tear contributes to an extended lifespan for the tank. A well-maintained tank with a durable liner can serve its intended purpose for many years.

        4. They Make Maintenance Easier

        It can be difficult to keep a water tank in good condition. Custom tank liners, on the other hand, make the process much easier. Water tank liners are adaptable. This means that the water tank liner you receive will be tailored to your needs as closely as possible. 

        Water tank liners simplify maintenance in the following ways:

            • – Reduce Maintenance Costs. Investing in a high-quality tank liner is a cost-effective approach to tank maintenance. Liners prevent the need for costly repairs or replacements due to corrosion or leakage, saving both time and money in the long run.

            • – Reduce Downtime. Tank maintenance, such as inspections or minor repairs, can often be completed more efficiently when a liner is in place. This reduces the downtime associated with taking the tank out of service for maintenance purposes.

            • – Facilitate Cleaning. Liners provide a smooth and easily accessible interior surface, making it easier to clean and remove any sediment or contaminants that may accumulate over time. Regular cleaning is essential for maintaining water quality.

          5. They Help Prevent Leaks

          One of the most serious issues with tanks of any kind is that they can leak. This is due to corrosion that occurs over time. The first obvious issue that arises from a leaking tank is product loss. 

          You don’t want to watch what’s stored in a tank, whether it’s a gas, chemical, or water tank, leak into the earth because it’s like watching potential profits leak away. By installing a tank liner, leaks are significantly reduced because corrosion is reduced.

          Water tank liners play a crucial role in preventing leaks through the following mechanisms:

              • – Prevent Leaks and Seepage. The primary function of a water tank liner is to prevent leaks and seepage. By serving as a protective barrier, they ensure that water remains securely stored within the tank without any loss or contamination.

              • – Possess Sealant Properties. Many liner materials possess natural sealant properties, effectively sealing off potential points of vulnerability within the tank. These properties contribute to the liner’s ability to prevent leaks.

              • – Custom Fit. Liners are typically custom-fitted to the specific dimensions of the tank. This precise fit ensures that every nook and cranny of the tank’s interior is covered, leaving no room for water to seep through.

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