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Butyl Rubber Liners

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    Servicing water storage clientele for over two decades, Raven Tanks supplies and installs a range of protective layering including HDPE and standard panel tank liners, as well as high-quality butyl rubber tank liners.

    We’re 100% Australian-owned and operated, offering industrial-grade water tank liner products ensuring your fire tanks and potable water systems remain sufficiently protected between water tank maintenance services.

    Butyl rubber tank liners are made from premium-quality synthetic rubber, providing extremely high corrosion protection and superior tank waterproofing functionality.

    Multi-Functional Tank Liner Material

    Featuring vulcanised seams and delivered onsite Australia-wide, Raven Tank’s butyl rubber tank liners are fabricated, transported and prepared for application in rolls.

    Rolled rubber sheeting can then be unpackaged, unravelled and flattened directly into ponds, dams or other excavations. Rubber lining can also be pre-measured, cut and folded ready for a simple lowering and installation process for GRP tanks, concrete water tanks or other water storage units.

    Butyl Rubber Liners – What are the Benefits?

    How reliable is butyl rubber?

    While butyl rubber’s elasticity alone provides extraordinary benefits, it’s also equally durable and flexible suitable for a wide spectrum of tank waterproofing and other anti-leaking applications.

    Primary advantages of lining your water storage network with butyl rubber include:

    • Superior flexibility – Resistant to heat and designed to automatically reshape following extreme temperature exposure. Butyl rubber liners have a temperature loading of over 100 degrees celsius.
    • UV-repellent – Perfect for outdoor applications.
    • Single-segment installation – Descend and bond your natural rubber panel tank liner with a pre-cut, fast attaching tank liner material – Ideal for urgent emergency fire tank restorations during bush fire period preparations.
    • Facilitates hydrofluoric acid and other diluted and concentrated chemical storage needs.
    • Super-strength anti-abrasive membrane – Butyl rubber tank liners a built to withstand catastrophic wear and tear levels featuring heavy-duty seams and surfaces.

    Product Rundown – Raven Tanks Butyl Rubber Tank Liners

    Our butyl rubber water tank liners are engineered to outperform lining products of just about any other membrane type.

    Except for oil-related storage requirements, butyl rubber exceeds containment quality standards for almost all industrial and commercial applications, including everything from potable water to acids and chemicals.

    While irrigation, drinking water, and fire suppression prove to be the most popular liner applications for butyl rubber, pond reserves for municipal and livestock servicing also commonly utilise it.

    We’ll deliver and install new liners nationwide, as well as provide a schedule for follow-up water tank maintenance services.

    Further Product Information

    • Anti-hardening, fracture-resistant tank liner material
    • -30 degrees celsius brittle rating
    • Ozone-resistant
    • Superb repairability – 10-15 year life expectancy dependant on the climate and various other location-specific circumstances.
    • Ultra-flexible for fast and accurate installation
    • Tensile strength, elongation, brittle point and tear strength all satisfactorily align with Australian quality standards with exceptional heating/cooling transitional testing results – Please consult Raven Tanks for specific testing figures and ratings.
    • Stationary, anti-slip lining professionally and compliantly installed by Raven Tanks lining technicians.

    Contact Raven Tanks today to discuss your liner needs, discuss which liner package to purchase or receive a water tank liner price quote!

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