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Commercial Diving

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    Raven Tanks’ commercial diving division specialise in a range of inland, ship in-water and deep sea diving services offering comprehensive expertise to a variety of industries and their projects.

    We’ve provided aquatic-based inspections, maintenance, recovery and engineering services to government, public and private industries for many years contributing our local and national knowledge to every dive job.

    Whether your project’s below, above or miscellaneously situated within a water body, Raven Tanks’ commercial dive team have a suitable, fully-licensed solution for you.

    Our Commercial Diving Services

    Inspections & Testing

    We conduct a variety of non-destructive testing services including quality assurance, damage detection, progress reporting and insurance-related inspections. Raven Tanks’ divers utilises both Ultrasonic Testing and Magnetic Particle Inspection methods to test, observe and monitor underwater structures and their integrity.

    Underwater Construction & Maintenance

    We’re experienced in performing a variety of marine construction activities including planning, installation and repairs to submerged pipelines and storage units, public infrastructure, underwater facilities and more!

    Recovery Services

    Salvaging vehicles, vessels, equipment and other items commonly discarded in lakes, rivers and the ocean are all generally recoverable in the hands of an experienced commercial diver team.

    We’ll perform object-specific searches and organise transportation upon the successful recovery of submerged findings.

    Ship Services – In-Water

    We offer routine cleaning, maintenance and repairs to the Australian shipping sector offering both small and large-scale services from surveys to complete hull refurbishments.

    Problematic Weed Removal

    Vacuum weed removal services are popular and are in continuous high demand among coastal regions around Australia. We’ll responsibly locate and dispose of problematic aquatic plants and weeds without disrupting natural marine environments.

    Tank Diving & ROV Operations

    Raven Tanks’ plan, coordinate and conduct a range of potable water and tank diving operations. Advanced Remotely Operated Vehicle technology assists divers through low-risk leak detection and maintenance proposal strategies providing safer, more cost-effective tank repair services to our customers.

    Inland Diving

    We service a number of regional areas and their water bodies such as dams and hydro power stations oftentimes remotely located and difficult to access. Raven Tanks are capable of transporting equipment and conducting inland dive services amongst a range of terrain and challenging weather conditions.

    Contaminant Diving

    We specialise in the safe provision of inspectional and decontamination services for treatment and monitoring of blue green algae, hazardous chemicals and bacterial contamination.

    About Our Divers – Safety & Certification

    Our commercial dive team are highly trained and are both nationally and internationally qualified.

    Raven Tanks use ADAS-Certified divers and equipment when locating and extracting submerged objects and performing any underwater maintenance or repair works. Our personnel are also qualified to perform:

    • Senior First Aid Response
    • Emergency Oxygen Provision
    • Resuscitation Procedures

    Experience & Tech

    Communicational technique and strategic planning of all commercial dive projects are the essential combination to a successful project solution.

    Our dive team receive constant training regarding safe and compliant commercial dive practices and how to optimise technological assistance to improve our services and overall solutions quality.

    Our Commercial Diving Services team are awaiting your call! Ask us about our services, what’s involved with arranging a diving service, or chat to us regarding any other questions you may have!

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