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Fibreglass Tank Repair

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    Is your water storage tank leaking?

    Raven Tanks GRP water tank repair division specialises in all areas of tank hardware replacement and offers complete refurbishment solutions.

    Our tank repair technicians are fully licensed, accredited, and experienced in fiberglass panel tank works, available to visit a range of locations nationwide.

    Due to our panel tanks’ high applicational versatility, custom-fabricated materials are often required.

    We also engineer, supply, assemble and install GRP water tank panels, components, liners, and more in accordance with your industry or site-specific requests.

    Why Consider Routine GRP Panel Water Tank Repairs?

    Fiberglass panel tanks provide commercial customers with a remarkable return on their investment, however, water storage tanks must be properly maintained to maximise safety and their efficiency.

    Water tank maintenance services are necessary for preventing more serious, quality-compromising issues. If you’ve noticed a change or deterioration in your tank’s performance, it’s strongly recommended to request a Raven Tanks expert to inspect for:

    • Hairline cracks, leaks, or other surface damage
    • Faulty pump equipment
    • Tap or valve leaks
    • Corrosion

    Our Water Storage Tank Leak Repair Expertise

    Offering a range of GRP panel tank replacement and repair services, Raven Tanks will have your water storage systems back online in safe, compliant order as quickly as possible.

    We’re one of Australia’s most experienced potable water tank cleaning companies, with a team equipped and ready to inspect, maintain and ultimately rejuvenate your tank units at affordable prices.

    Water Tank Liner Repairs

    Whether you’re storing highly-corrosive liquids or water reserves only, all tank liner material inevitably weakens, leaving tank surfaces vulnerable to rust and contamination.


    Relining your fiberglass water storage tanks well before their surface is directly exposed to their contents is crucial to stop corrosion from penetrating the panels’ interior.

    Brand new tank liners can add years of service life to your water tanks, as we’ll apply a fresh layer of corrosion resistance long before rust damage becomes irreversible.

    GRP Water Tank Nozzle Repairs

    Depending on our clients’ needs, water storage panel tanks may require a nozzle repositioning or total replacement during a tank’s lifespan.

    Nozzle maintenance can be a complex process where nozzles, valves, and plumbing components require relocation, blocking, or reconfiguring with different sizes.

    Every nozzle repair project must be customised on a per-application basis ensuring each system is serviced to industry-specific guidelines.

    Fiberglass Water Tank Maintenance Services

    Intermittent routine fiberglass water tank maintenance services guarantee your system’s protection, performance, and compliance are maximised between inspections.

    Tank maintenance schedules are designed to detect minor structural or contamination-related issues before they transition to major, costly complications.

    Blockages, corrosion, scum/scale build-up, accessway faults and many other problems discover early ensure catastrophic tank failures can be avoided.

    Emergency Industrial Panel Tank Repairs

    Workplace accidents are a common occurrence, with some industries proving more prone to injury or equipment damage than others due to their operational nature.

    Raven Tanks provide 24-hour emergency industrial panel tank repair services on all our GRP panel water tank lines. Unexpected faults, electric motor failures, pump failures, and a range of other situations can occur onsite at virtually any time, so it pays to have a trusted panel tank repairer available when you call!

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