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HDPE Liners

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    High-density Polyethylene or (HDPE) liners are a geomembrane fabric designed to protect ponds, dam structures and a range of other containment systems from corrosion and seepage.

    HDPE liners are engineered by combining complex components and processes, resulting in a highly-durable, abrasion-proof textile for long-lasting defence against rust and leaks.

    Each Raven Tanks HDPE liner is manufactured using carbon black, antioxidant and UV-resistant properties to form a dense, ultra-strong film that sticks to any containment structure’s surface.

    Property owners with currently lined ponds and dams are advised to arrange HDPE liner inspections in conjunction with their routine above-ground storage tank inspection.

    Why Order a Raven Tanks HDPE Liner?

    • Special Order (Custom-made) HDPE liners are welcomed – Extended lead times usually apply
    • Fast installation from an expert lining repair and replacement team posing minimal outages.
    • Highly-integrative black colour for universal application – Also available in white and in conductive layer upon special request.
    • No minimum dimensional quantities.

    The Premium-Grade Choice for Ponds & Dams

    You wouldn’t opt for average water tank waterproofing or panel tank liners, so why settle for less when safeguarding farming containment infrastructure?

    Considering that drained or near-empty ponds are likely eventually, you’ll need a high-quality liner with incredible resistance to climate exposure.

    As well as solidly housing water and chemicals, HDPE liner geomembranes offer:


    • Superb flexibility for added strength and cost-effective installation
    • Lw-cost outdoor pond lining solutions – Utilise extra-thick material on exposed areas where other materials aren’t permitted
    • Remarkable build quality for enduring extreme temperatures and rugged terrain
    • Resistant to corrosion, cracking and UV degradation
    • All the benefits of high tensile toughness!

    Industrial & Rural Applications

    Although manufactured to strict Australian quality standards and built to fulfil an outstanding reputation for their performance, HDPE liner longevity depends on four main elements.

    Liquid/chemical ingredients, temperature, amounts of exposed surface and the duration of exposure all contribute to determining an HDPE liner’s actual lifespan.

    For example, a liner containing toxic substances 24 hours per day amidst extreme heat will likely have a shorter life than a potable water tank liner positioned in shade.

    Common applications for High-density Polyethylene liners include:

    • Farm ponds and lagoons
    • Municipal water ponds
    • Agriculture, including irrigation water
    • Waste management facilities – Landfill pits
    • Mining and heavy industries

    Field Assembled Convenience

    Fabricated into rolled sheets, HDPE geomembrane liners are strictly a 100% site assembled product. A measure, cut and fit is conducted on-location, modelled and installed with liner sheeting directly.

    These preparation methods allow for a more cost-effective supply and install project for our clients, and means only qualified, highly-trained applicators should undertake such works.

    Neither size nor shaping requirements will influence our installation capabilities when it comes to HDPE lining projects, with no job scale or fitment quantity off limits.

    Note: Extremely cold temperatures require alternate, specialised HDPE liner installation methods to maximise the performance and longevity of materials in such climates.


    Check out our latest online brochure or contact Raven Tanks today to organise a combined HDPE liner inspection or quote and routine water storage tank inspection!

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