HDPE Repairs

HDPE Repairs

Panel tank pipeline connection issues are common. In-ground leakages can occur from existing, poorly-fitted piping systems, or it might just be time for replacement installations due to age and wear.

Raven Tanks offers specialised services in High-density Polyethylene parts, components, and accessories. We repair, refit, and replace pipeline infrastructure ensuring your industrial panel tanks remain in top-performing order.

HDPE essentially describes plastic piping components that fasten, attach, connect and overall support your water storage system.

With industry-leading welders and services range to match, Raven Tanks’ HDPE repair team is your trusted, expert crew when it comes to getting your GRP panel tanks, concrete water tanks, and galvanised water tanks back online.

Our HDPE Capabilities for Industrial Panel Tanks

Raven Tanks’ HDPE technicians are extensively trained with years of experience in the highly-specialised, complex repair field. We’ve repaired and replaced poly pipework and its related hardware to a spectrum of industrial panel tank set-ups, in conjunction with our regular water tank maintenance services and GRP water tank repair works.

Here’s an outline of our HDPE project services and capabilities:

  • HDPE Welding – CSG gathering network welding, capable of welding all pipe sizes or fitting with electrofusion or butt fusion welds.
  • Panel Tank Extrusion Welding – Pond liner repairs, reassembly, and both major and minor leak repairs.
  • Live tie-ins and hot taps – We’re comprehensively equipped to perform hot taps of any size.
  • Other flow-stopping services – including pinch-off services to ensure unobstructed flow is redirected around the service area.
  • All technicians are trained in accordance with AGPA CoP guidelines, as we prioritise safety, compliance, and quality repair works.
  • High point vents (HPV), low point drain (LPD), and drain injection point (DIP) replacements.
  • Preventative maintenance to meet scheduled water tank inspection requirements.

Raven Tanks AGPA CoP Record Keeping

All welding projects, including HDPE installations, repairs, and replacements are conducted compliantly in accordance with AGPA CoP protocols.

We keep extensive records guaranteeing our workmanship quality coincides with destructive testing regulations, providing peace of mind that all panel tank assets and pipelines exceed industry standards.

All HDPE work is comprehensively and systematically documented, including pipework inspection testing results, and submitted to our records for permanent reference on completion.

Give Raven Tanks a call today for further details regarding quality and compliance guidelines and standards.

Raven Tanks HDPE Repair Services

Standard Plastic Component Replacement

We can duplicate or reconstruct HDPE panel tank parts to replicate existing or damaged fittings. Resume system utilisation fast and effectively with expertly-fabricated components including both plastic and metal replacements.

Call-out Services

Our technicians can service, repair, or replace any HDPE component 24/7 statewide. After-hours services can also be arranged for all HDPE fitments.

Measuring Assessment

Proper, thorough onsite pipework and component measurements ensure fabrication requirements are accurate in supplying precise, premium quality parts. Our technicians will visit your location to conduct, record, and submit up-to-date measurements for all new HDPE fittings.

Shutdown Plan Assistance

We can assist with complex site shutdown management. Where outage times are limited, our team knows how to prepare for, and coordinate works around system and facility downtimes.

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