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Insulated Panel Tanks

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    As one of Australia’s leading panel tank supply and installation companies, Raven Tanks continues to extend product ranges accommodating a broader variety of industries and applications.  

    Insulation remains a core component of commercial tanks used to store wine, brew liquids, treat water, and process all types of food and ingredients. 

    Our new insulated tank supply, delivery, and installation packages are available in a spectrum of size, capacity, and design options to suit all industrial requirements and budgets. 

    Quality-Engineered Superior Insulation

    Our glass/plastic polymer-made tanks or GRP units are fabricated using an ultra-durable glass fiber-plastic combination. 

     Whether you’re upgrading cooling towers or enhancing wine reserves, insulated GRP tanks boast distinct advantages when it comes to storing clean, fresh liquids for lengthy periods and, amongst all types of climate conditions.  

     Featuring a mega-high UV tolerance and high tensile strength, Raven Tanks is committed to providing customers with the very finest insulated panel tank solutions. 

     Ideal for large-scale mining and winery applications, our insulated storage and processing plant panel tanks are made from a regulation-grade, highly-robust polyurethane foam and fiberglass blend for long-lasting content purity. 

    Why You Need a Raven Tanks Insulated Panel Tank

    In addition to providing an extra protective layer to your GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), tank’s surface, an insulated encasement serves certain applications with many other benefits including: 

    • Built with lightweight materials for cost-effective transportation and installation. 
    • Manufactured for easy bolt-in, onsite construction for super-fast assembly times. 
    • Extremely hygienic – insulated with the contents shielded from excessive sunlight exposure otherwise causing rapid bacterial and algae growth. 
    • Conveniently cleaned, serviced, and maintained backed by moderate corrosion-resistant properties (compared to Stainless Steel rated as high corrosion-resistance). 
    • Contemporary, universal design makes our tanks some of the most dynamic systems in Australia. 
    • Cutting-edge commercial storage for mining, agricultural, and brewery or winery-related applications. 
    • Recommended for a multitude of storage solutions – Safely contains toxic chemicals, substances, and other hazardous liquids by keeping them under controlled atmospheric conditions. 

    Insulated Panel Tanks – How They’re Built

    Constructed using an internal chemical-resistant laminate, insulated GRP tanks are equipped with a film-like protective overlay that best simulates a thin ‘pocket’ on the tank’s surface. 

    This compartment or pocket is filled with polyurethane foam to increase the panel tank’s insulation capabilities and overall structural resilience.  

    Insulated powder-coated panels are pre-fabricated generally with a 75mm thick clad. Seams are blanketed and fastened with an overlapping technique, with both top and base edges underpropped with aluminum. 

    Entryways are also braced with an aluminum angle frame. These are then secured to the cladding and fixed to the tank’s surface with silicone. 

    Extras may include Raven Tanks installing additional fittings or accessories to better serve your specific applicational needs. 

    [Text Wrapping Break]With a world-class product line of insulated industrial panel tank solutions, Raven Tanks are dedicated to expanding our proficiencies, competencies, and water storage options providing a complete, one-stop purchasing experience for our clients.  

    Talk to an Insulated Panel Tank expert today to discuss your enquiries, installation requests, or any other questions regarding our range’s specs or suitability for your application! 

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