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Non-destructive testing

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    Non-Destructive Testing

    Raven Tanks have a dedicated, skilled and proficient team specialising in non-destructive
    tank testing activities guaranteeing our workmanship across minor and major examination assignments.

    We’ll inspect and test your panel tank’s complete system, pinpointing problematic considerations and other potentially compromised areas. Our non-destructive testing services also extend beyond local clientele, offering extensive testing packages Australia-wide.

    Our NDT processes include testing both interior and external surface environments with the ability of avoiding costly damages or downtimes. Whether you’re based regionally or operate within an inner-city location, Raven Tanks are equipped to carry out site-specific testing that ensures minimal disruption.

    Why Schedule Non-Destructive Testing?

    Due to the nature of many commercial liquid storage requirements, tanks containing chemicals or other hazardous substances are often strategically positioned or difficult to access.

    Traditionally, this would mean most operations would have to endure lengthy shutdown periods, incur exponentially higher safety costs and create significant unanticipated financial losses for commercial tank users. Raven Tanks’ NDT services solves a number of these common issues along with providing added benefits to those requiring routine testing including:

    • Cost-effective alternative to regular testing – Shutting down operations or being forced to make tanks offline indefinitely is not necessary in most cases.
    • Time-saving – Avoid contents transfers, drainage and refill processes.
    • Dangerous, Working At Heights and Confined Space Environment-friendly – We’re fully licensed, trained and qualified to conduct all types of NDT procedures. You’ll never have to consult separately accredited companies again!
    • Test where manned testing isn’t possible – We’ll achieve a more detailed assessment of your tank with substantially reduced activity stoppages and interruptions. No need to wait for special access permissions and you’ll also be able to detect issues in their early development saving you time, hassle and money long term.
    • Suitable for all contents testing – Potable and non-potable water, chemicals, fuel and tanks containing other hazardous contents are all testable and verifiable for the their respective criteria.

    Raven Tanks NDT – Our Services

    Liquid storage tanks can be challenging to own. Being responsible for routinely testing fire tanks or hazardous containments to meet compliance standards is tedious and requires management to seek a trusted, experienced testing company.

    Raven Tanks have been conducting reliable, accurate NDT panel tank testing for more than two decades using some of the most advanced remotely operated camera equipment in the industry. Our non-destructive testing services include:

    • Certification/Recertification – Safety and compliance certification testing as well as scheduled recertification. Automatically and conveniently prescribed and pre-booked to avoid testing neglect.
    • Equipment and Operator Hire – We undertake NDT projects using PZT Cameras (Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras). We’ll assess your current tank testing requirements including tanks types, locations, accessibility levels and discuss your operating schedule to determine how we’ll action your tests.
    • NDT Level 3 Services
    • Auditing Services – Arrangement of pre-audit reviews
    • Management System Reviews

    Remote Inspection Solutions (PZT Cameras)

    Manual panel tank testing is becoming increasingly outdated proving to be inefficient, costly and unsafe under many circumstances. Remote and Non-Destructive Testing services are the innovative paths forward in safe tank quality assessment.

    Raven Tanks use high performance Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera technology to acquire imagery of both your tank’s interior and exterior surfaces as well as a contents analysis.

    NDT is a quality assurance procedure focusing on weld, flooring, roofing, wall and overall structural quality of your tanks.

    Our camera testing hardware provides our team with:

    • 100% Accessibility – Every cubic inch of your tanks is examinable offering the most extensive and thorough testing capabilities, providing us with full spectrum review and maintenance proposal abilities.
    • Advanced Zoom Capabilities – We’ll uncover what could potentially be overlooked using inferior or outdated testing procedures using high quality digital zooming.
    • Built-In File Management Systems – Equipped with the latest software for intensive data analysis.
    • Complete Range of Lighting, Recording and Display Functionalities
    • Universal Adaption – Designed for both water and chemical submersion and can be operated within flammable and other high-risk industrial environments.
    • Real Time Video & Still Captures – Allowing for rigorously detailed examination and reviewing.

    Why Do I Need A Tank Inspection?

    Panel tank materials deteriorate with age with some tanks being more susceptible to corrosion depending on a range of factors. Location, climate and weather exposure are primary determinants regarding a particular tank’s lifespan among many other elements including maintenance neglect.

    Failing to conduct intermittent high-quality testing by a licensed panel testing company places your tank at risk in developing early leakage or structural issues. This eventually leads to total system failure requiring a complete refurbishment or replacement tank.

    See our Tank Inspections page for further details on compliance and testing interval requirements and possible legal obligations as a commercial tank owner.

    Our NDT Team

    Raven Tanks’ specialist technicians have been conducting non-destructive tank testing for over two decades, trained and supervised by industry leaders. It’s this peace of mind that reassures our clients their tank assets are professionally examined, remain damage-free and are repaired by qualified experts.

    We’re continuously investing in personnel development and encourage all our technicians to promote their skill sets to higher competencies.

    The Raven Tanks NDT Team are a support body you can trust to deliver impeccably accurate remote testing results every time.

    Contact the Raven Tanks team today to discuss our NDT services, accreditations, your enquiries or for any other questions you may have!

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