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Panel Tank Refurbishment

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    Tank Refurbishment

    Raven Tanks are your local trusted tank refurbishment specialists offering leading restoration services for industrial water storage assets.

    Our highly-trained tank refurbishment technicians will ensure your water storage units and their components are installed safely, cost-effectively and in a timely manner.

    Talk to the team about our expert refurbishment services!

    What We Do

    Our team are experienced in providing an extensive range of tank refurbishment services including:

    • Tank Liner Installations
    • Tank Repainting – Renewing the finish on selected tank models.
    • Recoating & Surface Treatment Services – Abrasive blasting and other preparational works for epoxy coating application.
    • Level Indicator Installations – Ensuring level indicators read and present like new.
    • Ladder Installations – Step ladder and entrance repairs and upgrades.
    • Roof Revamps – Roof inspections, reinforcements, refurbishments and replacements.
    • Signage Installation – Instructional, directional and safety signage replacement.
    • External Wall Refurbishment – UHP cleaning and painting for an enhanced weather-proofed exterior.

    Why have your tank refurbished by Raven Tanks?

    Raven Tanks’ maintenance personnel are fully accredited and highly qualified in all areas of panel tank installation and component replacement.

    It’s critical for water storage infrastructure to be overhauled by licensed, knowledgeable and experienced industry professionals. Here’s why Raven Tanks are the team for the job:

    • We offer complete refurbishment services – From condition reporting to minor refits, to major structural maintenance, Raven Tanks can do it all!
    • Flexibility and convenience – Arrange services to suit you and your circumstances.
    • Refurbishment performed with minimal disruption – We opt to get regular operations back up and running as soon as possible.
    • Remarkable customer support – We welcome all enquiries and consultations to find refurb solutions for almost every application.
    • We offer turnkey solutions.

    Professional Tank Restoration – How We Work

    Outfitting your old tanks with new equipment and sealing systems safeguards your water storage assets against unnecessary damage.

    We work to ensure any outdated setups, failing mechanisms and other compromised parts of your water tanks are either repaired or replaced accordingly.

    Safety and productiveness go hand-in-hand when it comes to water containment. Our Raven Tanks refurbishment team guarantee their restoration works, exceeding Australian safety and quality standards with every refurb project.

    We work with you to ensure:

    • Minimal levels of operational interference are maintained
    • Our clients are completely satisfied with the quality of the works upon completion
    • Only genuinely required refurbishment services are recommended and performed – We’ll clearly outline and explain all proposed repairs.
    • Our technicians operate in strict compliance with Australian Standards (AS 1851 – 2012)

    Get in touch with the Raven Tanks Installation Team today to discuss your specific panel tank requirements or any other liquid storage solution enquiries you may have!

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