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Pond Liners

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    Raven Tanks are your trusted leading department of pond liner supplies, providing and installing high-quality products for a number of commercial and industrial applications.

    Need advice on purchasing your next waterproof garden bed liner?

    We’ve protected ponds, dams, commercial gardens and crop beds for decades using only the finest-grade liner products on the market.

    Whether you’re ready to select and install or require custom-engineered sheeting, Raven Tanks supply, fabricate, deliver, insert and fit all industrial liner essentials.

    Pond Liner Types – What We Use

    A waterproof garden bed, ponds or other farming or municipal reservoirs provide critical and reliable water sources to remote locations. Improperly lined ponds or a low-quality waterproof garden bed liner are likely to affect your system’s performance, leading to premature leakages, contamination and total failure.

    PVC Liners

    Customisable and featuring extremely high UV stability, our PVC liner packages ideally suit small to medium-sized ponds. As an eco-friendly material, PVC coatings are harmless to marine life, proving utilisable for almost any water containment purpose.

    EPDM & Butyl Rubber Liners

    Rubber lining products are designed to safeguard outdoor ponds for longer! With an extended build life and boasting thicker, more flexible fabric, butyl rubber is recommended as a premium waterproof garden bed liner or pond reinforcement – The perfect liner option for both highly exposed and partially concealed reserves.

    Underlay Material

    Supporting pond liners with a foundational underlay material provides additional likely-required protection against sticks, rocks, protruding roots and other sharp debris normally in ponds.

    Sealants & Adhesives

    Raven Tanks applies heavy-duty sealants and glues to all liner seam types guaranteeing long-lasting adhesion from initial installations to necessary maintenance or repair works.

    Pond Liners – Multi-Application Protection

    Ponds store large water bodies and are designed and positioned for efficient, immediate water distribution when required.

    Unlike concrete water tanks and industrial panel tanks, ponds are directly exposed to sunlight and harsh weather events 24/7, requiring year-round ground and containment protection regardless of their water levels.

    Always consult a pond or tank liner professional prior to purchasing as material requirements vary between uses. Allow Raven Tanks to install the most suitable, cost-effective pond liner type for your circumstances.

    Our liners suit and secure a range of pond and commercial reservoir applications including:

    • Stormwater collection
    • Agriculture, irrigation and aquaculture
    • Farms and wineries
    • Lagoon covers
    • Pollutant containment
    • Waste management, wastewater and sewage – Including landfill and hazardous waste containment
    • Entertainment facilities and precincts (Golf courses etc.)
    • Dairy effluent storage
    • Mining
    • Evaporation ponds
    • General pond/dam leak repair

    Raven Tanks Pond Liners – Core Benefits & Attributes

    In addition to outstanding waterproofing and weather-resistant properties, our pond liners are a universal solution for all soil types, especially sand, rock or gravel types susceptible to excessive seepage.

    • UV, puncture, chemical and corrosion-resistant
    • Comprehensive pipework options to suit liner design, shape and size
    • Single-piece capability – Minimising joining works while onsite
    • Permanent and temporary lining solutions
    • Highly-economical
    • Compatible with a range of geomembrane underlays.

    Find out more regarding pond liners, specifications, recommendations, prices and more and speak to a waterproofing and lining expert today!

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