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Stainless Steel Panel Tanks

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    Best reserved for outdoor applications, our Stainless Steel Panel Tanks are available in round, rectangular, and other custom-built configurations.  

    As an all-purpose, premium-quality tank option, Raven Tanks each design type presents unique benefits to fulfill a number of functionality requirements across a range of Australian industries. 

    We supply and install Stainless Steel Water Storage Systems, carry out hardware replacements, and conduct servicing, maintenance, and other repair work on your commercial tanks. 

    Learn more about why a Stainless Steel Liquid Storage Tank is the right choice for you, or chat with the team regarding specific products and purchasing information! 

    Why Upgrade to Stainless Steel?

    Whether you want to sustain your potable water’s freshness for a rural site, or are responsible for the reliability of a commercial building’s fire water systems, Raven Tanks have a Stainless Steel Tank option to suit. 

    Stainless Steel Panel Tanks are one the best value-for-money water storage alternatives, with various added benefits compared to standard steel tanks including: 

    • Anit-corrosive properties – Ideal for outdoor and coastal locations or where units are frequently exposed to seaspray/salt water.  
    • Superb, year-round durability – Extra-strong surfaces make for a significantly improved structure to withstand Australia’s most intense weather events. 
    • Unrivaled, convenience-focused designs – Access both the water and the tank itself fast, effectively, and safely with a fully-equipped tank system setup including ladders, signage, and more! 
    • Remarkably diverse and adaptable – From farms to facilities, our Stainless Steel Panel Tanks can be transported to, and installed at virtually any location nationwide. 

    Eco-friendly & Cost-Efficient

    By purchasing a Raven Tanks Stainless Steel Panel Tank package, you’ll be contributing to the collective environmental impact reduction our planet so desperately demands.  

    In addition to being fire-resistant and non-corrosive, our Stainless Steel Panel Tanks are 100% recyclable. The days of concrete and plastic water tanks are dangerously numbered, so if you’re due for a brand-new system, a stainless steel substitute is your best bet! 

    Stainless steel water storage tanks also have a proven enhanced lifespan of up to a century, meaning a properly-maintained unit can be utilised commercially for an entire business’s or operation’s, project’s life.  

    Considering the likelihood of only ever purchasing a single water storage tank, stainless steel fundamentally outperforms all other materials when it comes to Australian commercial and industrial applications. 

    Stainless Steel Panel Tank Grades – 304 vs. 316

    If it wasn’t difficult enough selecting a tank type, size, and configuration, the quality and grading systems will definitely call for an expert’s advice. 

    While seemingly confusing, our two, similarly-equipped stainless steel grades offer clear, varying benefits, each recommended for a range of reasons. 

    Here are Grades 304 and 316 at a glance: 

    Grade 304 

    • Drinking water-friendly – safe and reliable steel for long-lasting clean, crisp H2O. 
    • Suitable for rainwater storage, irrigation, and fire suppression. 
    • 18% Chromium, 8% Nickel. 
    • Offers competitive corrosion and contamination protection. 


    Grade 316 

    • Saltwater resistant – Perfect for coastal environments where ocean breezes transport salt spray onto exterior tank surfaces. 
    • Identical appearance, higher tolerance for corrosive environments. 
    • Contains up to 3% Molybdenum, providing 316 tank products with enhanced rust protection where standard steel fails to keep water reserves uncontaminated. 
    • Requires more frequent, advanced levels of professional servicing and maintenance. 

    Contact the Raven Tanks team to discuss maintenance requirements and pricing structures for our entire panel tanks range today! 

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