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Tank Inspections

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    Tank Inspections by Raven Tanks

    Raven Tanks provides site specific assessments, reporting and solutions-based tank management services to a range of commercial and industrial businesses across Australia. By joining Raven Tanks yearly inspection register you are ensuring your liquid storage asset functioning in line with Australian Standards and Asset Warranties.

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    Learn more about various tank inspections we offer exploring more information on how Raven Tanks’ services can help.

    Why have your tank inspected by Raven Tanks?

    From tank cleans and liner replacements,  to designing, manufacturing and installing new Panel Tanks, Raven Tanks knows tanks inside and out.

    We’re your locally-trusted tank inspection experts with a highly-trained team delivering consistent, quality services to a diverse client base.

    Here’s why Raven Tanks are your go-to specialists for all your tank maintenance and inspection needs:

    • We provide an extensive inspection services range – Manage multiple tank types? No problem. From expert divers to high-tech drone and ROV deployment, Raven Tanks will can adapt to any inspection project
    • We’re fully licensed in all tank maintenance categories, only ever strictly operating in accordance with Australian Safety and Quality Standards.
    • Full service warranty – All maintenance work carried out following inspectional duties is backed by our quality guarantee!
    • Hassle-free arrangements with super-fast turnaround times on all processes from booking to completion.
    • Total service transparency – We offer only strictly professional advice recommending genuinely essential services based on our top-tier inspection protocols and relevant Australian Standards.

    ROV Inspections

    Remotely Operated Vehicle Inspections (ROV’s) are a revolutionary tank inspection method designed to safely and more efficiently examine tanks without the downtime.

    Submersible robotic vehicles are deployed to locate potential defects using sensors while keeping your tanks online. We’ll manoeuvre precision remote-controlled technology throughout potable water tanks providing assurance that your water supply remains clean and safe for human consumption.

    ROV inspections are one the most powerful and reliable tank monitoring procedures available ensuring any contained liquids remain uncontaminated. ROV technology also reduces the risk of harm to divers exposed to hazardous chemicals.

    Fire Tank Inspections

    All Raven Tanks fire tank inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Standards AS 1851-2012.

    Our experienced inspection personnel will ensure your fire tanks are in full-working and compliant order guaranteeing they’ll be equipped and ready when they’re relied on most.

    We’re also capable of providing advanced underwater tank cleaning services avoiding the need to drain fire tanks when completing Australian Standards Inspections.

    How often should my tanks be inspected?

    Raven Tanks recommend arranging liquid storage tank inspections in accordance with AS 1851-2012 Australian Standards requirements:

    • Tank Inspection – Annually – For a general, routine inspection & full report.
    • Clean & Inspect – 10 years of operation since the tank’s original installation date

    Annual inspections fall under Raven Tanks warranty.

    Tank Types We Inspect

    Keeping different tank types in top shape can be challenging, and finding the right tank inspection company usually proves tedious and time-consuming for most building and site managers.

    Raven Tanks conduct a full spectrum of tank maintenance and inspection works in the industry. One of our main strengths is our superior reports, analysis and application of  technical preventative works for developing issues.

    Here’s a range of liquid storage tank types we inspect and service on a regular basis:

    • Water Tower/Water Storage Tanks – Inspecting all types of water tank configurations, sizes and capacities.
    • Stainless Steel Panel Tanks
    • Fire Tanks – Ensuring fire-fighting water systems are adequately maintained and are prepared and equipped for emergencies.
    • Liners and Bladders
    • Standard Panel Tanks – Round, Square-panelled and Damper Tank inspections.
    • GRP Panel Tanks
    • Chemical Storage Tanks – Corrosive and hazardous chemical tank inspections using advanced ROV technology.

    Inspections and Compliance – What You Should Know

    There are certain responsibilities borne by building owners with onsite fire tank systems installed. Australian compliance regulations ensure all fire water tanks are inspected routinely with maintenance being conducted in accordance with AS1851-2012.

    Disregarding the importance of correctly-scheduled tank inspections means:

    • Your water storage tanks aren’t compliant under law.
    • Any insurance policies you may have may be void in the event of a fire.
    • You’ve failed to satisfy a level of reasonable duty of care
    • You will be unable to produce a valid record indicating that recent inspections had been performed by qualified professionals.

    What does Raven Tanks include in your annual ROV Tank Logbook Inspection?

    Your ROV Inspection Logbook will contain the following:

    • A routine inspection was conducted within 12 months of the last sign-off.
    • Internal ROV images of the inspection with all points of interest noted.
    • Additional photographs were captured showing the condition of external components and inspection test points – Detail report on all inspection findings.
    • Recommendations for any preventative maintenance.
    • A fully completed log-book signed-off on by a qualified professional.

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