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Tank Liner Repairs

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    Even the best-quality water tank liner requires rejuvenation following years or decades of utilisation. Organising a regular, routine tank inspection is the key to ensuring your tank liner continues servicing your unit properly as a corrosion-resistant barrier.

    Raven Tanks supplies and installs concrete water tank liners, potable water tank liners, and fire tank liners to commercial liquid storage systems Australia-wide.

    Your corrosion protection is only as robust and reliable as your tank liner, meaning your systems deserve nothing less than industrial-grade tank liner material.

    Learn more about the significance of updating a tank liner before it’s due, or talk to us about our latest products, package deals, or our best water tank liner price!

    Why Replace Your Old Tank Liner with a Raven Tanks Product?

    Panel tank reconditioning and concrete water tank repairs or ‘patchwork’ generally prove to be a regretful, inadequate, and unfavourable reconstruction choice for even minor surface damage.

    A tank liner is an essential, internal sheet coating and is your best defence in water tank waterproofing. Attached to the inside surface, waterproofing concrete water tanks, drinking water tanks, and fire tanks is a liner’s purpose.

    Other benefits of repairing or replacing an outdated tank liner with a Raven Tanks product include:

    • Superior protection – Prevents stored water from contacting surfaces leading to premature corrosion or content contamination.
    • Saves purchasing a brand-new tank – Oftentimes tank problems are worsened by a failing tank liner and can be resolved with a simple, more economical relining project.
    • Universally suitable – Fit a new liner to almost any existing tank type including potable water, wastewater, irrigation reserves, and fire suppression.
    • Usually delivered and installed with industrial panel tanks back online on within weeks.
    • Certified and compliant with AS/NZ 4020.
    • GRP panel tank and concrete water tank-suitable.

    Why Is My Tank Leaking?

    Water tank leakages are serious. Starting small through cracks, poorly sealed seams, dated valves, or other joints, leaks quickly transition to major concerns and eventually total tank failure when untreated.

    Installing a new tank liner is a more permanent solution for preventing leaks in the first place. Where surfaces present structurally intact, new tank liners may be installed directly onto previously repaired panels.

    Raven Tanks will always inspect panel tanks before recommending or beginning any relining works, ensuring the existing tank liner is in fact the issue’s root cause.

    Common reasons for a leaking water storage tank system could be due to one or multiple of the following:

    • A combination of wear, tear, and age
    • Ground movement generally occurs on farmlands and in other rural locations
    • Corrosion (rust) has accumulated enough to ‘consume’ the steelwork causing tiny holes.

    Note: Splits in poly tanks can never be relined without thorough, compliant structural repair works performed first. Any type of poly tank surface damage is considered unsafe and unfit for commercial use.

    Contact the Raven Tanks team if you believe your commercial or industrial panel tanks are leaking. Major, more severe seepage could warrant our Emergency Maintenance Services so it’s important to let us know immediately upon detection.

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