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Water Quality Testing

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    Sustainable supplies of clean drinking water are critical for our population to live and thrive, and for Australian industry to ultimate grow. Our water alongside other environmental resources must be regularly tested ensuring supplies remain disease-free, and safe to contact and consume.

    Raven Tanks’ water testing division provides professional water sampling and testing services to a range of commercial and industrial clients. All our water testing services are conducted and reported on in accordance with AS/NZS 5667, guaranteeing highly-accurate, high-quality results.

    Water testing is vital for making constructional plans and decisions based on supply, quality and a number of other health-related determinations.

    What We Test

    Rapidly expanding populations are constantly affecting the supply and quality of Australian water utilities. Assessing plumbing hygiene and microbial risk are among the primary criteria for determining whether a new or existing commercial or industrial water supply is utilisable.

    We’re experienced in testing and sampling a variety of water bodies for a number of industries and their sectors. We carry out site and project-specific water examinations offering professional services to suit a spectrum of testing requirements.

    Water bodies and containment systems we commonly test include:

    • Potable Water and Rainwater Tanks
    • Boreholes and Wells
    • Cooling Tower Water
    • Ground Water and Irrigation Water
    • Pool and Spa Water
    • Waste Water
    • Stormwater
    • Other Freshwater Water Bodies

    Depending on your testing requirements, our analysis and report will detail levels of:

    • Salinity
    • Chloride
    • pH
    • Sodium

    Legionella – Why It’s Vital To Detect

    Legionella is essentially a type of bacteria often detected in stagnant water bodies. Inhaling this bacteria is generally enough to infect a person and is the cause of Legionnaires’ disease worldwide.

    Where’s It Found?

    Legionella commonly contaminates commercial cooling towers (air conditioning systems), recreational water bodies (pools and spas), showering systems and other potable water sources.

    Breathing in the bacteria through ill-maintained air conditioning units or ingesting it through unsanitary, untested drinking water sources is generally how people become infected.

    Why Is Legionella So Dangerous?

    Failing to conduct initial or routine testing services on your site’s water sources and water bodies places customers, employees or residents at risk of contracting or potentially fatally succumbing to an infection.

    Contaminants We Detect – Testing and Prevention

    Raven Tanks will collect, test and report on samples we take from your site providing a detailed analysis of our water body findings.

    All industrial, commercial and residential water bodies and sources must meet national testing standards to be considered safe for human and environmental exposure.

    Our world-class water testing equipment ensures a range of possible contaminants will be successfully discovered upon examination. Contaminants we detect include:

    • Ultra-trace metals
    • Pesticides and organic compounds
    • Legionella
    • Nitrates and chemicals
    • E. Coli
    • Other toxic contaminants – pharmaceuticals, hazardous substances etc.

    Our Commercial Water Testing team are awaiting your call! Ask us about our commercial and industrial services, what’s involved with water testing your specific site, or to discuss any other enquiries you may have!

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