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Tank Liners – Water & Chemical Storage

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    Tank Maintenance

    Arranging preventative maintenance to be regularly carried out on your tanks is critical to ensuring your liquid storage systems remain safe and are in optimum working order.

    Although primarily precautionary, having scheduled maintenance performed on your tanks by industry leaders significantly reduces the risks of leaks, equipment faults and future system failures.

    With increasing emphasis being placed upon standards, legislation and responsibilities surrounding our industry, understanding tank ownership requirements has never been more important.

    Learn more about tank maintenance and the specific services Raven Tanks specialise in below.

    Routine Maintenance – Inspections, Cleaning & Repairs

    Raven Tanks inspect, clean and maintain all elements of your potable water tanks, fire tanks and non-potable liquid containment systems in accordance with Australia’s industry standards.
    Our team will assess your entire tank unit determining the most appropriate course of action regarding any detected leaks, faults or outdated equipment proving potentially hazardous.

    We also carry out high-pressure surface cleaning procedures helping manage corrosion and keep your tanks and their contents in exceptional condition.


    We supply and install all tank signage as per national compliance requirements. Fire tank systems must display the following colour-coded signs in their respective dimensions, with Raven Tanks capable of affixing each:

    • Capacity signage
    • Contents signage
    • Potable/Non-potable water signage (Do Not Drink)
    • Level Indicator signage
    • Warning and locational indicators

    Tank Fixtures & Components

    Repairs are often the next best maintenance alternative to fully replacing internal tank parts such as panels, ladders and connective equipment. Restoring a tank’s fittings ensures the system operates in a satisfactory condition, perfect for meeting mandatory compliance criteria.

    Revamping the existing hardware is generally less expensive while still offering remarkable, remodelled performance.

    Level Indicators

    Different tank types require different sorts of level indicators. We can custom-supply panel tank level indicators to suit a number of industry-specific systems and applications.

    These use sensory technology to identify highly accurate contents levels and is essential to maximising your tank’s operational efficiency. Eventually, indicative sensors deteriorate and fail to correctly read the substances contained in your tanks.

    Level indicator maintenance and replacement are the more effective methods of avoiding the inconvenience of a major shutdown caused by a total malfunction.

    Raven Tanks’ ROV Technology – The Benefits

    While our commercial dive team are ultra-effective at conducting precision testing and delivering impeccable results, Raven Tanks’ ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) services provide us with a prototypical insight into your tank’s condition.

    Here’s why we recommend ROV maintenance services for your liquid storage systems:

    • It’s more conservative – No need to drain your tanks, avoiding detrimental wastage.
    • Safety – Humans won’t be required to enter your tanks reducing the risk of harmful chemical or bacterial exposure.
    • Your tanks remain online and accessible during cleaning.
    • No notification processes required – Utilising dive teams involves you having to inform several organisations, authorities and emergency services prior to draining and cleaning. Not anymore!

    Why have Raven Tanks maintain your water storage systems?

    Improperly tested tank systems can be dangerous. That’s why it’s crucial to consult experienced maintenance professionals for the ultimate assurance in quality tank inspection services.

    Here’s why Raven Tanks should be your tank maintenance team of choice:

    • Comprehensive services without limitations – We can repair all liquid storage tank types, sizes and capacities regardless of their location or contents.
    • Fully-licensed technicians – Our team are qualified to competently and safely conduct Working at Heights and Confined Space works.
    • We offer cost-effective tank repair solutions to accommodate all budgets.
    • All works are Australian Industry and Standard-compliant.
    • Emergency Response Support – We’re here when you need us!

    Tanks due for their routine inspection again? Contact the Raven Tanks team to schedule your annual, bi-yearly or ten-yearly maintenance examination today!

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