Square & Rectangular Panel Tanks

Explore Our Tank Series – GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), Stainless Steel (304 & 316) + Hot Dip Galvanized

Raven Tanks offer a range of high-performance industrial liquid storage solutions including Glass Reinforced Plastic Tanks, Hot Dipped Galvanised and Stainless Steel Panel Tanks.

Here, you’ll discover which tank system is the most suitable for a range of applications along with further details regarding specifications, features and other installation information.

How Your Panel Tanks are Constructed

Raven Tanks’ Panel Tanks are square in structure and are erected by forming sectional panels usually onsite. Steel panels approximately 1m2 in size are bolted together with gaskets to build quality liquid storage units of virtually any required size or capacity.

Plumbing, roofing and other components are then connected up by licensed professionals ensuring your tanks are online and ready to fill ASAP.


– Zero welding required on-location – Relatively low-involvement bolt installations minimises disruption across your entire operations.

– Super-versatile containment – Stores a range of contents types including potable water, fire (non-potable) water and chemicals using reaction resistant materials.

–  100% Compliance with Australian Industry & Safety Standards.

–  Hassle-free transportation and construct – Pre-manufactured ready for a quick and simplified assembly process.

–  Fast and effective drainage.


Our GRP, HDG and Stainless Steel panel tanks make up the ultimate selection in universal suitability. Their conveniently squared design renders these tanks extremely versatile, commonly utilised within projects involving space limitations.

Ideal commercial applications include:

–  Office Buildings

–  Hospitals and Medical Facilities

–  Laboratories and Research Facilities

–  Shopping Centres and large Hospitality/Retail Precincts

–  Compact Factory Sites

–  Fire and Emergency Water Supply Systems

–  A range of Underground and Roof-top applications

Customisable Options

While our panel tanks are manufactured, supplied and installed as an all-inclusive system, our tank series can be equipped with customised or additional components to suit specific applications.

The following design elements can be modified or added to your order during our modelling phase:

o   Ladders/Entry points – Alter the orientation or positioning of how your tank is entered.

o   Signage Requirements – Instructional wording, placement and dimensional requirements.

o   Roofing – Fully-covered and open-top designs

o   Ventilation – Static or Revolving Aeration

o   Chemical-resistant materials – Apply materials featuring anti-corrosive properties for hazardous liquid containment.

o   Reinforced External – Panelled layers for extra strong side walls.

o   Customised Piping – Plumbing configurations specially designed to fit unconventional spaces e.g. basement and rooftop locations.

o   Manhole placement/Lockable Closures – Restrict access to your tanks for added safety.

o   Insulation Options – Layered foam padding for protective purposes.

o   Liners – Extra-strong bladder installation and replacements.

o   Advanced Waterproofing and Epoxy Sealant – Spray-on surface waterproofing technology.

Tank Information – Specifications

With increasing demand for space maximisation, squared GRP, HDG and Stainless Steel panel tanks are one of the most popular and efficient liquid storage setups available.

Traditional cylindrical water and chemical tanks waste significant volumes of space, leaving valuable, utilisable area unnecessarily empty.

Raven Tanks construct your panel tanks to align with your particular space and capacity requirements by providing a range of design and installation options.

Sizes & Capacities

–  Panels are produced to 1m2 dimensions – Raven Tanks can design and erect tank solutions of essentially any size or volume practical to its application.

–  Contact the team to discuss specific site requirements or sizing requests.

Panels, Materials & Construction Options

–  Galvanised Reinforced Polypropylene

–  Hot Dipped Galvanise Steel

–  Stainless Steel

–  Standard powder coated finishes available

Nozzle Types

–  15mm – 400mm Standard – Various attachment types

–  Other Nozzle sizes greater than 400mm – Please Contact Us for large nozzle fitment requirements.

Standard Inclusions

–  Galvanised Roofing

–  1 x Manhole

–  1 x External Ladder

–  Inlet and Outlet

–  Overflow

–  Drain

Important Things to Note

o   Foundations and foundational work must be organised and supplied prior to delivery and construct.

o   The importance of cleaning and maintenance – Water that’s been stored and is motionless for months or years results in a build-up of internal corrosion with the potential to become hazardous.

o   Disaster Prevention – Corrosion due to lack of maintenance can lead to foundational equipment failing and may result in flooding, electrical issues, carpet damage and significant water destruction to entire buildings. Ensure your maintenance logbook is up to date as required by law to guarantee safe use of your tank.

When Can I Expect My Tank?

Following your final confirmed design order, Raven Tanks will deliver your tank generally within 6 weeks from your approval, beginning construction processes as soon as possible.

Our team requires an average of 1-4 weeks to erect depending on size to install and have your tank online and ready to fill.

Depending on your location and the nature of your project, your tank may be delivered outside our originally estimated delivery times.

Please contact us with any concerns regarding expected freight or assembly timeframes to arrange a possible alternate delivery schedule.

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