Water Tank Warranties are integral for various applications, ensuring a reliable and consistent water supply. When investing in a water storage tank, the accompanying warranty is a vital component that provides peace of mind and safeguards your investment. However, it’s important to understand that warranties often come with specific conditions and requirements, one of the most critical being regular inspections.

Raven Tanks has identified this need and is working hard to address it by offering life cycle and post-sales support services.

Why Is Water Storage Tank Maintenance Important?


Maintaining your tank helps you save money in the long run. Regular inspections and maintenance can help a storage tank last for decades if not a century. So, while maintaining a tank requires an investment, it is far less expensive than purchasing a new tank or several new tanks in the same time span.

A water storage tank is a valuable asset for facilities that invest in one, and it, like other critical equipment, requires regular maintenance. 

Maintaining it properly provides a number of advantages, including:

  1. Service life is extended. Tank inspection and maintenance operations that are scheduled on a regular basis allow industry professionals to identify existing damage and potential sources of damage before they become major issues. This, in turn, reduces the negative impact on the tank’s integrity.
  2. Improved equipment performance. As problems are identified and resolved, the system’s performance improves.
  3. Improved water quality. Repairing problems in the water storage tank and its connected system reduces the risk of contamination and other negative effects that can affect the quality of water in potable water tanks.
  4. Reduced repair and replacement expenses. By detecting issues such as corrosion or coating delamination before they become major issues, equipment damage is reduced, resulting in fewer costly repairs and replacements.

Storage tank and water tower maintenance are critical to the performance and longevity of your storage tank. They identify existing and potential failures, allowing maintenance and repairs to be performed and limiting ongoing damage. Infiltrations that allow contamination, corrosion, coating delamination, and other tank or tower issues are corrected, improving tank or tower performance and lowering costs associated with performing more extensive repairs when inspections are missed.

Routine cleaning and storage tank maintenance reduces the risks that have a negative impact on the quality of water or other fluids, as well as the tank’s integrity. Bacterial growth and sediment build-up are reduced, protecting the tank’s interior lining and lowering the cost of recoating.

Storage tank and water tower maintenance will protect your equipment and keep it operational for a longer period of time. Resolving tank issues as soon as possible saves money on costly repairs later on and protects your water supply. Using professional storage tank maintenance services is a wise investment in your company, its equipment, and its bottom line.

Inspection Methods for Water Storage Tanks


The first step in any maintenance operation is to inspect the equipment’s condition. Inspections of water storage tanks can be classified as wet or dry.

A licensed professional must drain the tank of water before performing a dry inspection, as the name implies.

Wet inspections are performed without the tank being emptied. Depending on the tank, a disinfected diver or a remote-controlled vehicle (ROV) enters the structure to identify

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