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WATER TANK LINING VS WATER TANK REPLACEMENT ? If you don’t understand why tank relining is preferable to replacement, you could end up spending a fortune on a new water-retaining structure. To save you money, we’ve put together this guide on why you should reline your tank instead of replacing it.

You may believe that your water tank is beyond repair, but we have repaired and relined many tanks that appeared to be at the end of their useful life. So, take note today to ensure you select the correct option when your liquid retaining structure is faulty.

If you’re not sure why you should choose a water tank relining over a replacement water tank, read this article because the wrong decision could cost you money.

A New Lining is More Cost-Effective

To begin with, purchasing a replacement water tank can be extremely expensive, with numerous hidden costs. The water tank and the cost of a replacement water tank can quickly add up. However, there are no hidden costs with water tank relining, and with competitive prices, relining can present a great cost alternative to full replacement. This is a much less expensive method that will get your structure up and running quickly in your facility.

Tank Relining is a Quicker Process than a Replacement

Water tank replacement is not only more expensive financially, but it also takes much longer to complete than water tank relining and refurbishment. A replacement water tank installation can take weeks, whereas a simple water tank relining and repair can be completed in a single day.

When compared to replacing your water retaining structure, relining will provide you with a much faster turnaround and will cause less disruption to your business operations. If you need a quick and effective solution, a tank reline or refurbishment is the better choice.

A long-term solution is Provided for Your Current Tank

A long-term solution is preferred when corrosion or damage occurs due to a lack of water tank maintenance. Water tank relining and refurbishment, as well as regular water tank maintenance, can provide a more long-term solution to your water storage problem than replacement.

COVAC offers a 10-year guarantee on our water tank lining, but most manufacturers of new water tanks only provide a one-year warranty. Water tank relining will provide a far better long-term solution in this regard.

Relined Tanks are Simpler to Maintain

Another reason to choose to reline over tank replacement is that water tank maintenance is much easier with a new and smooth surface rather than a rusted and harsh one. Relining provides a ceramic-like finish, reducing the time you spend cleaning and maintaining your water tank.

Factors to Consider Before Deciding

What Is the Current Condition of Your Tank?

The condition of your existing tank plays a significant role in determining the best course of action. If the tank is severely corroded, damaged, or has structural issues, replacement may be the only viable solution. Lining can be a useful preventive measure for tanks in relatively good condition.

What Is Your Budget?

Budget constraints can be a deciding factor. Water tank lining is typically more cost-effective than a complete replacement. However, the extent of the damage and the required type of lining can influence the cost.

What Are Your Long-Term Goals?

Consider your long-term plans for water storage. If you plan to use the tank for many years, investing in a new tank might be a more prudent choice. However, if you require a temporary solution or have budget limitations, lining can be a valuable option.

Why Should You Reline a Water Tank Instead of Replacing It?

Water tanks are an efficient source of water in both domestic and industrial settings. They perform best when they are in good condition and meet current standards and regulations. Water tanks can suffer from damage and corrosion if not properly maintained. Although corrosion is a natural process, especially in steel tanks, it reduces the overall health of your tank.

If a water tank is allowed to corrode for an extended period of time, full tank replacement may be your only option. However, if you monitor your tank, perform regular maintenance, and install water tank lining, your tank will last much longer.

Consider investing in water tank lining to avoid water tank damage. In a consumerist society, we are more likely to replace a damaged or broken item, regardless of its value, than to attempt to repair it. Water tanks are extremely useful features for any home or business. They do, however, naturally deteriorate over time. Water tank lining can slow the rate of corrosion, which is why it should be considered.

Now that you understand why tank relining is preferable to replacement, you can make an informed decision if your water tank is experiencing problems. If you’re having issues with your water-retaining structures, look into our tank lining and tank refurbishment services today.

The choice between water tank lining and water tank replacement depends on several factors, including the condition of the existing tank, your budget, and your long-term goals.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Both Options

Water Tank Lining


  • Lining is cost-effective, and quick, and extends tank life by preventing corrosion and leaks, reducing water supply disruption, and ensuring minimal downtime.


  • Lining is ideal for tanks with minor to moderate corrosion or degradation, but may not be a permanent fix and may require periodic maintenance.

Water Tank Replacement


  • New tanks offer a long-lasting, efficient solution, with potential for upgrading to larger tanks or improved insulation, and often improve water quality by eliminating contaminants.


  • Replacing a water tank is typically more costly, may cause longer downtime, and may have environmental impacts due to its disposal.

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