Why GRP Tanks Outperform Hot Dip Galvanized Tanks

GRP tanks, or Glass Reinforced Plastic water tanks, are now the market’s leading industry standard water containment unit. GRP tanks provide safe water storage due to their lightweight, sturdy yet workable fibreglass design, which eliminates the risk of corrosion or bacterial contamination.

Furthermore, due to the materials used to construct the water tanks, they are resistant to external temperatures and adverse weather, implying that the tanks will not degrade over time. These materials also make the water tanks pliable, which means they can be customized during the manufacturing process to meet any specific access or locational requirements.

Because of its lightweight capabilities, GRP material is a low-cost option; it is 70% – 80% lighter than steel, and transport costs are dramatically reduced because no heavy lifting equipment is required to on/offload. GRP can be easily moved from the factory to the job site, significantly lowering overall installation costs than Hot Dip Galvanized Tanks.

GRP tanks are made of glass strands. The glass fibres are extremely fine and are woven into a flexible fabric. When resin and catalyst are layered and allowed to cure, the resulting material is extremely strong and lightweight.

It has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Because the tough material can be easily formed using moulding processes, many businesses are opting to replace old water tanks with GRP tanks.

The GRP tank is ideal for storing and dispensing safe drinking water. Installing a GRP tank will benefit schools, hospitals, and residential areas greatly.

The tanks are designed to keep dirt and insects out while also preventing the growth of algae and bacteria. As a result, they will ensure a clean and consistent water supply.

Raven Tanks maintained water tanks all over Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Dalby, Darwin, and Geelong and needed a material that could withstand highly aggressive weather (cold/hot) in comparison to Steel, which has low corrosion resistance properties due to oxidation and corrosion, requiring painting or galvanizing. Aluminium tanks corrode as well, necessitating anodizing or other coatings. GRP is also resistant to chemical, wastewater, and sewage corrosion.

Why GRP Tanks Outperform Hot Dip Galvanized Tanks: 

    • Uses of GRP Tanks

    The use of GRP Tanks has a wide range of applications. Popular applications include rainwater storage, which allows both homeowners and businesses to become more environmentally friendly and reduce wastewater; dipping tanks for manufacturers to coat their goods; and fire sprinkler reservoirs, which ensure a continuous supply of water in the event of a commercial building fire. Furthermore, the materials used allow them to be adapted and manufactured at a specialized level to be used to store chemicals in a safe and controlled workplace environment.

        • Design Flexibility

      GRP water tanks are fully customisable due to the materials they are made of; they can be manufactured to almost any shape and size, depending on the consumer’s needs. The color of the water tanks can also be customized, which is an important feature for companies that store a wide range of hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals; colour customization allows for immediate identification of GRP tanks and their contents.

      Because of this level of consumer customization, the tanks can be specifically manufactured for a company’s needs, rather than the company having to adapt their working processes and environment for the tanks.

          • Temperature and Storage

        When it comes to water and chemical storage, the temperature is also crucial. Maintaining a temperature in your water tank below 20 degrees Celsius will greatly reduce the risk of bacteria growth. With pre-insulated GRP Tanks, the water can be kept within a temperature margin, preventing microbiological growth at the source. Insulation can be provided in a variety of thicknesses depending on the needs of the consumer, but it typically ranges between 25 and 100mm thick. When it comes to water storage, peace of mind is everything – an ideal water tank is one that can be purchased, installed, and then left alone without having to worry about the tank’s integrity or the sanitary standard of the water being stored.

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