Fire Water Storage Tanks

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Fire Water Storage Tanks

Fire water storage tanks are part of a commercial fire suppression system designed for the immediate dispersal of water reserves in an emergency situation.

Most fire tanks are solely designated for fire suppression, however, some are fitted with dual connections for freshwater use.

Australian fire water tanks must comply with a number of minimum design, installation, and safety standards for commercial and industrial use nationwide.

Raven Tanks supplies, installs, inspects, and repairs a range of fire water tanks and systems, guaranteeing safe, convenient, and effective emergency water distribution year-round.

Why Fire Fighting Reserves are Crucial

Storing excessive water reserves can prove to be a literal life-saver in emergency fire situations. Although most property owners and site operators conduct business for years without utilising them, properly working fire tanks are your only chance of protection in an unforeseen incident.


Fire tanks are also only as useful as their water volume allows them to be. This is why it’s critical to ensure slow leaks and non-working parts are detected and repaired through yearly inspections by accredited, highly-trained experts.

Choosing a Fire Water Tank

Location, capacity requirements, and other operational factors influence the type, size, and style of system your site needs. For example, your units must be able to store adequate water reserves to efficiently suppress a fire within a certain building type or site format.

Raven Tank’s fire water tanks are available in a range of designs, types, and materials including:

Raven Tanks’ Fire Water Tank Features

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