Raven Tanks can supply, install and upgrade your industrial bladder and pillow tanks for storing large water quantities.


Pillow tanks are ground-level, self-supporting ‘balloon-like’ structures equipped to store water and other liquids using a flat, space-saving orientation.


Mining, construction and agriculture industries collectively utilise bladder or pillow tanks due to their economical design, transportability and fast setup times. Emergency water storage such as fire tank reserves ideally suits pillow tank systems given their highly versatile positioning capabilities.


Unlike GRP panel tanks or galvanised steel water tanks, bladder storage eliminates many traditional assembly processes like bolting modular sections together.

Pillow & Bladder Tank Applications

Raven Tanks’ bladder tanks have been subject to meticulous quality testing ensuring a fault-free installation and utilisation every time. Our pillow tanks will suit even the toughest of outdoor environments and landscapes including all climates and ground conditions.


Although seemingly effortless to puncture, a pillow tank’s appearance is deceivingly hardy and proves borderline rupture-proof unless a proactive attempt to damage the material occurs.


Deciding on whether to install a bladder or panel tank can be difficult, however, durability, efficiency and cost comparison are worth noting before purchasing.


Pillow storage tanks are among the most versatile and dynamic tank setups, being the popular choice for a range of applications such as:

Why Install a Pillow or Bladder Tank?

While panel tanks serve most commercial and industrial applications rather sufficiently, pillow tanks prove more suitable for specialised purposes.


Our pillow tank specifications demonstrate how such a design facilitates particular industry sectors and a multitude of unconventional applications.


Benefits of utilising onsite pillow or bladder tanks include:

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