A panel tank that’s rendered inoperable due to corrosion or structural damage won’t always require an entire replacement project to be utilised again.

With a water storage tank leaking continuously, eventually, you’ll require a more extensive tank refurbishment plan to completely restore key components such as tank liners, tank waterproofing, roofing, valves, vermin-proofing, foundational hardware, and more.

Let Raven Tanks assist you with our comprehensive water storage tank leak repair services!

A thorough tank inspection using ROV technology will assess the degree of damage that is present and what reparations your tanks will require to return to a safe, compliant, and fully functional condition.

Water Storage Tank Leak Repair

Raven Tanks have over 20 years of experience in water storage tank leak repair services, piloting hundreds of successful refurbishments of concrete water tanks, GRP tanks, stainless steel tanks, and galvanised steel tank setups.

A typical water storage tank leak repair project consists of:

Contact the Raven Tanks team for specific information, pricing, and scheduling regarding tank inspection services, fire tank compliance, and commercial water tank cleaning enquiries!

Tank Refurbishment Services

Concrete Tank Repairs

Refurbishing a leaking concrete water tank can be complex as structural assessments and repairs require more comprehensive analysis than the modern, multi-purpose panel tank.

We’ll find and fix hairline cracks, measure ground movement complications, and leak-test outdated liners. Concrete water tanks oftentimes also require hot dipped galvanised truss reinforcements.

Panel Tank Refurbishment

Eliminate leaks and corrosive damage with a premium panel tank refurbishment package!

Fitting strictly only Australian Standard-compliant hardware, liners, and accessories, you can rest assured a Raven Tanks panel tank restoration keeps your systems fault-free between services.

We also issue certification and photographic reports with every tank refurbishment project detailing everything from findings and repairs to minor works like ladder and signage installations.


Extend your tank’s life with a brand new water tank liner!

Whether you’re storing potable water, wastewater, fire suppression reserves, or other hazardous liquids, a liner refurbishment is your best defence against critical leaks.

Roof Restorations

We supply and install water tank roofs of all sizes on site for all concrete water tank models, GRP panel tanks, and a number of other galvanised steel tank products. Raven Tanks can replace roofing materials, hatches, and other vermin-proofing solutions for both outdoor and indoor, spacially-challenging tank systems.

Complete Refurbishment Packages

Raven Tanks offer combined-service water tank refurbishment packages ensuring your water storage units perform at their peak in their best possible condition.


Merging multiple refurbishment areas into a single package, we’ll restore several system components simultaneously.


Rejuvenating components such as roofing, tank liners, and concrete surfaces collectively improve synchronisation between each component’s lifespan.


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