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Hot Dipped Galvanised Panel Tanks

Our HDG steel panel tanks are renowned for their world-class reliability and structural quality.  

As your local Australian-based industry leader supplying the finest in panel tank engineering, Raven Tanks is committed to providing high-performance tank products and components for cleaner, compliant water storage. 

Whether your first or newest water storage solution involves a simple outdoor standard installation or a complex, elevated platform erection, Raven Tanks will get it done! 

What is a Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel Water Tank?

With a seemingly endless amount of commercial liquid storage tanks on the market, it’s almost impossible to differentiate, compare and decide upon an appropriate tank system for your application. 

Regular solid steel panels are submerged in a ‘hot zinc’ treatment resulting in a tank design boasting several extra strength-reinforcing and corrosion-resistant qualities – hence, where the term ‘hot dipped’ derives from. 

An HDG tank’s surface is better-armoured against corrosion and is suitable to store an extensive range of liquids safely and for longer.  

Why Opt for Hot Dipped Galvanised Tanks?

Suitable for potable and fire water storage, HDG panel tanks are designed to contain bulk contents under more significant environmental and industrial stresses like contaminants and weather impacts.  

Raven Tank’s Hot Dipped Galvanised steel tanks are constructed sectionally, meaning they can be built to virtually any size, shape or capacity required. 

Other benefits of choosing a Raven Tank’s HDG panel tank include: 

  • Remarkably versatile – Configure your storage container to fit unconventional spaces or to satisfy legal or industry-specific restrictions.  
  • Manufactured using epoxy-coated, premium quality steel panels configured into rectangular, or irregularly-shaped containers. 
  • Discretely designed to universally match almost any industrial or commercial application – you won’t have concerns regarding placement or positioning conflict.

HDG Steel Panel Tanks – General Specifications

While Raven Tanks’ Hot Dipped Galvanised tanks can be assembled in a range of configurations, and in some circumstances modified, our tank’s general, base-model material specifications are as follows: 

 HDG Steel Storage Tank – Specs Brief 

Base Model – Materials  Zinc-dipped steel panels pressed and constructed in strict accordance with Australian industry and safety standards. 
Panel Size 1.2m x 1.2m square sectional panels.  
Entryways Included Standard roof manhole/hatch and vent included with insect-proof component. 
Assembly Components Bolts, nuts and washers are all Australian standard-compliant.  
Joining Components Surface sealants supplied by Raven Tanks. 
Tank Access Standard HDG ladder included and installed with assembly. 
Other components Level indicators included – standard mechanical – HDG steel. 
Finishes and Fixtures Australian standard-compliant HDG fixings.  

Stainless Steel Panels vs. HDG Panels – What’s the Difference?

Although both extremely durable and designed to last, our panel product range consists of both stainless steel and hot-dipped galvanised tanks offering exceptional performance for each preference.  

While either surface material proves vastly functional, incredibly reliable, and capable of element-weathering to the highest degree, both tank types exhibit individualistic qualities worth noting. 

Stainless Steel Tanks are: 

  • A chromium-molten steel mixture.  
  • Resistant to rust otherwise caused by both fresh or salt water
  • A more complex material to work with, usually resulting in higher associated costs. 

HDG Tanks are: 

  • Coated or ‘dipped’ in a zinc solution for a more strengthened surface. 
  • Significantly more cost-effective, proving greater value for money over long-term use periods. 
  • Exceptionally weather-resistant and recommended for outdoor applications. 
  • Resistant to rainwater/fresh water corrosion. 
  • Overall the most economically diverse choice suits almost all industrial-grade water storage solutions. 

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