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Secondary Containment & Bund Liners

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    Raven Tanks supplies and professionally install secondary containment systems and liners to a range of industrial spill bunds. Depending on surrounding commercial activity and the environment, your panel tank may require an overspill solution to accommodate an overflow or leakages.

    We offer both permanent and temporary secondary panel tank leak-proofing, with custom-made bund liners to reinforce just about any sized or shaped liquid catchment.

    Also known as berm tank liners, exterior bund liners create a secondary line of defence protecting a tank’s nearby eco-system as well as the greater environment.

    Enhanced Spillage & Environmental Protection – Tank Liners Australia

    Industrial panel tanks, GRP panel tanks and concrete water tanks are used to store and dispense a range of liquid types. While leaking water reserves won’t necessarily cause detrimental environmental harm, other hazardous substances like chemicals will.

    Commonly fitted at a tank’s base or within an existing bund system, secondary containment liners help maintain control of potentially devastating free-flow from leaks or total tank failure.

    Drain networks, along with waterways, rivers, lakes or other environmental surroundings can be easily contaminated following unforeseen leakages.

    Made from polymetric tank liner materials, secondary containment is a must-have where dangerous substances are stored, especially in aging tanks of temperamental quality.

    Bund Liner Features

    • Permanent or non-permanent line options
    • All-purpose, all-terrain adhesion
    • Optional added drainage or collection system
    • Highly-versatile application range – Fuel, oil UV-resistant
    • Custom-fabricated to virtually any scale or specific dimensions
    • Premium contamination prevention – EPA and Australian Standard compliant

    Secondary Containment – Common Applications

    Raven Tanks’ offers highly-dynamic bund liner and secondary containment tank liner packages. Complying with all Australian safety and WHS standards, our products and installations ensure your site’s secured from both accidental contamination and potential personal injury.

    We’ve supplied and installed secondary liners to various Australian industries and their sectors such as:

    • Mining and Heavy Industries
    • Waste Management Facilities
    • Hospitality and Food Processing
    • Military Bases
    • Washdown Bays and Workshops
    • Manufacturing
    • Oil, Gas and Fuel Industries

    High-Performance & Custom-Engineered

    Dams, concrete water tank bunds and other containment systems should be professionally fitted with quality, abrasion-resistant and UV-resistant protection.

    Most commonly utilise in farming, agriculture or other remote locations, bund liners can accommodate your galvanised tank structure as well as contain fuels, oils and chemicals efficiently.

    Our made-to-order bund liners replace requirements for double-walled tanks in mine sites, as well as building extra, costly containment support structures in rural, unfeasible areas.

    Application-Specific Design

    We’ll ensure your secondary containment liners are cut to fit individual tank or bund setups. It’s critical for liners to support system measurements precisely, avoiding leaks or seepage due to a faulty alignment.

    Geomembrane liner material forms the extra-robust, long-lasting film designed to attach seamlessly to bund systems.

    Our bund and containment liners are highly-integrative, providing pioneering permanent or temporary support for a multitude of industrial panel tank and concrete tank applications.

    All liners are precision-cut to fit pipework, fittings, electrical obstructions and other obstacles commonly encountered with secondary containment barrier installations.

    Drop us a line through our enquiries form or speak with a secondary containment and bund liner expert today!

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