Glass-Fused-To-Steel Tanks

Glass-Fused-To-Steel (or GFtS) tanks are a unique liquid storage design featuring a robust combination of glass and steel that reinforces its surfaces through heat fusion.

The collaboration of two heavy-duty materials both strengthens the tank’s structure and offers remarkable surface protection from scratching, corrosion or other common types of damage.

Glass enamel is adhered, (fused) to the tank’s interior and exterior surfaces providing a double-sided, ultra-protected assembly resistant to a range of harmful elements that would otherwise compromise its integrity rather rapidly.

Learn more below about Glass-Fused-To-Steel tanks, the advantages of merging such materials and where they’re normally utilised.

How It’s Done

Creating a virtually impenetrable surface requires complex, multi-stage processing, ensuring all GFtS tanks meet protective expectations and standards across a number of industries.

While manufacturing Glass-Fused-To-Steel panels is comparably more involved, the associated environmental and performance benefits of producing long-term GFtS tank storage solutions are worth the trade-off for both suppliers and commercial customers.

Here’s a simplified explanation detailing how your Glass-Fused-To-Steel tank is made:

  1. Steel is blasted to remove mill scale followed by an alkaline clean.
  2. The steel sheet edges are manipulated to form round edges that are sprayed with a glass coating.
  3. A glass slurry is made from a milling process, essentially ‘blending’ fine glass particles along with other minerals and clays into a spray-on liquid.
  4.  After the slurry is quality tested, it’s applied to the steel surface ready for firing.
  5. The coating is fused to the steel using furnace firing at over 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit resulting in a mechanical bond between the molten glass and steel surface.
  6. Maximum coating protection is achieved with the steel now tank-ready!

The Benefits – Why Use Glass-Fused-To-Steel Tanks?

While an extra-thick coating fortifies tank structures regardless of material combination specifics, a glass-steel integration produces a super-strong, high-quality layer resistant to all types of wear.

GFtS panels are also rigorously quality tested providing the ultimate reassurance for clients requiring the most reliable and enduring of liquid storage solutions.

GFtS tanks offer a vast range of benefits regarding commercial and industrial tank applications Australia-wide including:

  • Extraordinary Lifespan – Depending on its application, location and a number of other varying factors, Glass-Fused-To-Steel tank surfaces are known to last up to five decades!
  • Low Maintenance, Incredible Value – Less wear means fewer repairs, considerably extended periods between recommended replacement works and hassle-free service for longer.
  • Fast, Cost-Efficient Installation – Speedy, onsite construction is made possible with a glass-reinforced panel design – Time-saving, bolt-in panels ensures your tanks are ready to fill in no time!
  • Zero Reapplications Required – Eliminates the need for tanks to be offline during critical operational periods – Less downtime ensures limited disruptions and minimises risk.
  • Optimum Choice for Potable Water Storage – The formulation of a GFtS coating helps restrict bacterial growth, provides more hygienic surfaces and requires significantly less cleaning and maintenance than regular steel tanks.
  • Where Versatility Meets Innovation – GFtS tanks are the perfect storage solution for a variety of liquids and solids including water, chemicals, grains and hazardous substances

GFtS Tanks – Common Applications

  • Potable Drinking Water
  • Fire Suppression – Outdoor and Indoor Applications
  • Agriculture and Farming – Fuels and Chemicals
  • Process Water – Food Preparation and Production
  • Waste Management – Sewage Water
  • Mining and Biofuels
  • Bulk Storage/Feed Storage – Grains, Powders, Coal, Plastics etc

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