Why Concrete Water Tanks Fail?


Hot climates are detrimental to concrete water tanks.


Concrete water tanks used on farmlands and in remote areas are rarely shaded from UV exposure. Temperature differences between the water reserves and the concrete cause cracks in the surface.


Small cracks allow water to escape, corroding steel reinforcements and eventually rusting the entire containment system away. This becomes critically dangerous when tanks are positioned above or inside buildings where a collapse could prove catastrophic or even deadly.


Installing or upgrading your concrete tank liners will enhance structural durability and significantly improve overall tank longevity, regardless of your tank’s primary use, location or UV exposure levels. 


Concrete Water Tanks – Our Services.


Depending on your tank’s age, condition and intended use, we’ll assess, evaluate and implement a concrete water tank repair plan to ensure liquid storage systems remain in top shape between inspections.

Concrete Water Tank Repair

Leak repair and sealant solutions – save on major future structural repairs and replacements with a seam or liner repair project.

We also restore roofing infrastructure to safe and compliant conditions in both above-ground and buried concrete water tanks.

Component Installation

Ladders, manholes, platforms, signage, piping networks, level indicators and anti-vermin solutions make up just a few of our tank component installation capabilities.


Complete your concrete water tank setup with a comprehensive, or selected services installation package!

Water Tank Waterproofing

New applications and repairs of premium-grade concrete tank liners for potable and fire tank water storage systems. We offer a wide tank liner material range of various geo-fabrics to suit all liquid types.


Why Choose a Raven Tanks Relining Solution?


The featured listed below distinguish the raven tanks from others.Comprehensive Resolution Support – From inspection-specific advice to the finished and tested waterproofing installation, Raven Tanks will guide you through your personalised relining project. Extensive Tank Liner Product Range – Whether it’s freshwater or hazardous chemical storage, we’ve got a geomembrane material to suit!Commercial & Domestic – We’re experienced in all areas of waterproofing concrete water tanks with no relining job too significant to handle – We’re also fully Working at Heights and Working in Confined Spaces certified.Skilled, Qualified & Licenced Engineers – Our concrete tank repairs team consists of highly-professional tank relining technicians – compliance trained and fully insured. Affordable Relining Concepts – Forget going elsewhere for a brand-new concrete water tank price. A professional relining project can almost always repair minor surface damage.


Get in touch with our team to discuss your concrete water tank repairs and receive a maintenance plan and quote for a range of recommended Raven Tanks services!

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Are you in need of an industrial water storage solution? We are the leading liquid storage tank & liner manufacturers in Australia, with more than 20 professional years of service behind us.

Having your liquid storage system perform optimally is essential in any industry. Therefore your choice of liquid and water tank manufacturers and maintenance specialist  is paramount to the success of your project & ongoing asset integrity. We offer a wide variety of design, manufacturing, inspection, and maintenance services.

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