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Tank Roof Replacement

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    Whether you’re running a GRP panel tank, a galvanised water tank, or those almost obsolete concrete water tanks, roof condition is never an aspect to be neglected.

    Raven Tanks water storage tank maintenance specialists can repair, replace and restore all roofing components of your existing fire tanks and potable water units.

    Refurbishing industrial panel tank roofing can be complex, requiring a range of professional tank inspection services to access deterioration levels, whether repairs are viable, and the likelihood of complete failure.

    When Would I Require Panel Tank Roof Repairs?

    All liquid storage systems, whether you’re storing potable or fire suppression water reserves, eventually need structural upgrades or reinforcement works.

    Raven Tanks can restore tank roofs to industrial panel tanks of all sizes, shapes, and capacities on-location, offering hassle-free tank inspection and maintenance services regardless of your tank’s age or original supplier.

    Location, surroundings, climate, usage, and several other factors relating to weather exposure contribute to a tank roof’s degeneration, more specifically from:

    • Debris including tree branches landing forcefully on roofs from storms
    • Severe hail damage
    • Years of animal faeces such as bird droppings encrusting the roof’s surface
    • General wear and tear from decades of harsh sun exposure
    • Corrosion due to salt spray from a nearby ocean
    • Being completely detached due to intense, recurring weather events.

    Why Have Your Panel Tank Roof Replaced by Raven Tanks?

    The roof, as well as its components of your galvanised steel water tank, should be expertly inspected annually at a minimum. As well as restoration, a commercial water tank cleaning schedule is recommended for your new roof to keep it in top condition throughout its lifespan.

    With a Raven Tanks roof replacement for your fire fighting water tanks or potable water system, you can rest assured you’ll receive

    • Long-lasting quality – Generous product and service warranties with all tank inspection, maintenance, and roof replacement services.
    • Ultra-high quality steel with pioneering performance.
    • Durable, universally-sufficient designs.
    • Tried, tested, and proven panel tank roofing materials that offer persistent lifelong corrosion resistance.
    • Only top-tier roofing materials supplied by __________, completely Australian standard-compliant.

    Raven Tanks can also add a vermin proofing system to your brand new roof, or following our commercial water tank cleaning services – Suitable for steel tanks only.

    Truss Replacements – Concrete Water Tank Repair

    Like surface materials, concrete water tank roof trusses also corrode or degrade with time. Neglecting such an imperative component can be detrimental to your water tank’s overall safety, compliance and performance, with many concrete water tanks left uninspected in rural areas Australia-wide.

    Our industrial-grade concrete water tank roof trusses are:

    • Manufactured and fitted to Australian Standard AS1170 – suitable for cyclonic locations.
    • 100% Australian Made
    • Engineered using hot-dipped galvanised steel for a super-strong framework.
    • Designed to provide your new roofing with a more durable, arch-shaped orientation.
    • Conveniently delivered, bolted together, and installed on-site making for the most efficient, affordable, and timely roof repairs possible!

    Contact the Raven Tanks Tank Refurbishment team today to discuss your roofing and truss requirements or get a quick phone or email quote in minutes!

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