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Industrial Panel Tanks is your go-to for both potable water and fire water storage options. Whether it’s round, rectangular, or specialised, highly-customised water containment units you require, Raven Tanks has the appropriate tank framework available. 


We understand how logistically-complex particular industries can be regarding water reserve placements, locational restrictions, and other limitations. 


Securing the most suitable tank network alongside the arrangement of an expert routine maintenance schedule means tanks remain online longer and keep communities and commercial environments safer. 

Water Storage Innovation – Why Panel Tanks are the Future

Round, modular-style steel tanks are exponentially our industry’s most preferred liquid storage solution to work with. While 100% concrete and plastic tanks remain viable tank alternatives for certain applications, galvanised reinforced plastic (GRP), and Stainless Steel product lines are rapidly replacing them.  


Here’s why industrial panel tanks have become the most popular water storage unit variant in recent times: 

Industrial Panel Tanks Australia

Industrial Panel Tank Upgrades

Our tank product and maintenance pricing vary depending on your selected modifications. Raven Tanks industrial panel tanks offer design lives ranging between 25-100 years subject to their material type and grade, how they’ve been customised, and their location. 


It’s important to know that panel tanks are the only liquid storage industrial tanks that feature such extensive personalisation capabilities.


Panel tanks and their components are easily bolted on, bolted together, added, swapped, or completely removed and are extremely compatible with aftermarket hardware and other accessories.  


Raven Tanks’ trusted technicians will supply, install and test all panel tanks at the recommended routine intervals ensuring your system’s longevity remains maximised in accordance with its age. 

What does this mean for new panel tank owners?

See our Tank Maintenance or Contact Us pages for further information on all our tank services and specialised project enquiries. 

Industrial Panel Tanks


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