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Custom Shape Liners

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    Raven Tanks works with a spectrum of polymer-based containment systems, offering a variety of tank liner products, geomembrane tank liner materials and underlay coatings.

    Not all panel tanks, galvanised steel water tanks or concrete water tanks are created equal, requiring customisation, modification and highly tailored services and accessories.

    We can manufacture and install fire tank liners, potable water tank liners and a range of multi-purpose extendable pillow tanks in practically any size, capacity or configuration suiting almost any spatial requirement.

    Custom-built water storage also involves adopting void commercial building spaces, converting them into ultra-convenient fire fighting water tanks for a concealed, easily accessed emergency system.

    Customised Tank Liner Solutions

    Our custom-made tank liner solutions both transfigure void building spaces into water reserves, as well as protect irregularly shaped outdoor panel tanks.

    Tank liner materials can be altered for non-standard water tank adaption, meaning you’ll never worry about securing an excessively large or unusually shaped liner.

    Raven Tanks’ custom tank liners keep the water clean by combatting contamination from rust, while adding a protective, leak-resistant layer to reinforce surfaces.

    Why Install a Raven Tanks’ Custom-Fitted Tank Liner?

    • Complete fabrication prior to onsite installation – Pre-measured, pre-made and ready to pin
    • Factory fault tested for water tightness
    • No traditional bonding required
    • Underlay liner compatibility – Designed for an optional secondary coating to be applied underneath the custom-built tank liner
    • Food-grade tank liner material – Select a liner membrane fabric to suit and comply with industrial and commercial standards.
    • Can be made oversized and irregularly shaped.

    Hidden Water Tanks

    Concealed or underground wasted spaces can also be utlilised similarly to panel tank water storage. We can enclose building cavities with tank waterproofing liners transforming them into storage units of nominated capacities depending on the space.

    Where an unoccupied basement, shaft space or other underground area is accessible by humans and is structurally sound, a water storage tank can be engineered with a tank liner. These include unconventional, challenging and conflictingly-shaped areas requiring a more complex lining blueprint for installation.

    Advanced measuring technology calculates area-specific dimensions for a precise and leak-proof liner fit.

    Benefits include:

    • Essentially a ‘free’ water tank – no installation
    • Avoids unsightly GRP panel tank installations where impractical
    • Tank liner material flexes with building movement
    • Adheres to any surface/obstacle – pylons, poles, roofing, piping, walls etc.
    • Ideal for commercial laundry systems
    • Syncs directly to water mains or rainwater retention systems

    Extendable Capacity Pillow Tanks

    Unlike standalone industrial panel tanks, multiple bladders or pillow tanks can be linked together, creating a custom-built tank farm of practically any capacity – An ingenious liquid storage network that’s extendable as business needs grow.

    Pillow tanks can also be engineered to suit specific dimensions and fitting requirements. We also have a number of bladder tank accessories including:

    • Ground underlay sheets
    • Filtering systems and pumps
    • UV-resistant covers
    • Custom-fabricated fire-proof materials for fire tank use
    • Bund liners for secondary containment systems

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