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Tank Panel Replacement

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    Water storage needs vary exceptionally between applications, often requiring fast replacement remedies to maintain compliance, remain safe, and stay online.

    We’ve been replacing commercial water tanks all across Australia’s mainland for decades, conducting everything from panel restorations to advanced plumbing and pipework solutions.

    Raven Tanks conducts all panel tank replacement works as discreetly and as least disruptive as possible to neighbouring sites, residences, and commercial tenants.

    Galvanised Water Tank & Fire Tank Replacement Services

    Although similar, water tank refurbishment and replacement projects involved different processes. Even while featuring decades of design life, potable water tanks and fire tank panels and parts must be maintained or exchanged when compromised to guarantee that longevity.

    Raven Tanks offer full-scale panel tank replacement services, complete with recurring recommended tank inspections and maintenance schedules for keeping systems at optimum status.

    Panel Replacement

    Often only singular or multiple panels appear minorly damaged, meaning a small tank area could require replacing. We’ll empty the unit’s contents, replace the panels and you’re ready to refill and resume operations in no time!

    Temporary Bypass Panel Tank Installation

    Some circumstances require uninterrupted water flow or 24/7 access to water reserves depending on the application, industry, or other regulations.

    We’re experienced in installing bypass, or temporary-use water storage solutions so operations can continue while we carry out water tank maintenance services or major replacement works.

    Complete Tank Removal

    Upgrading your GRP panel water tank systems and need some space for a replacement?

    Raven Tanks can disassemble your existing fire water tanks and potable water systems onsite in preparation for your replacement unit. Our tank removal services include total deconstruction, transportation, and disposal of redundant parts, panels, and pipework.

    Simply arrange a site visit with our team to inspect your unsalvageable tank for a removal quote!

    New Tank Installation

    Raven Tanks supplies standard round and rectangular capacity ranges as well as custom-assembled panel tank models for specialised suitability. Resolve your GRP panel tank and fire tank positioning issues with an L-shaped, Z-shaped, or T-shaped system.

    Our team will provide you with an expert recommendation, project timeframe estimation, and a competitive water tank price on GRP panel tank and fire water tank installations!

    Plumbing & Electrical Connectivity

    Linking up complex pipe networks and safely managing electrical components and their connectivity should be reserved for licensed, highly-qualified commercial water tank technicians.

    In addition to structural replacements, Raven Tanks can also upgrade, modify or repair any area of your industrial water tank’s plumbing or electrical systems. Regardless of your panel tank’s age, a unit deemed to be in sound geometric condition should always be partnered with genuine, high-quality pipework and electrical components.

    Nationally-Renowned Project Management

    Panel tank replacements require ongoing and post-project inspection services including performance reviewing and operational testing.

    At Raven Tanks, we’re committed to providing top-tier industrial panel tank replacement services, including detailed timelines, continuous follow-up communication, and delivering benchmark-quality products every time.

    With an extensively established client base consisting of all sectors of Australian industries, Raven Tanks continue to be pioneering contenders in premium panel tank supply and maintenance.

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