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GRP Panel Tanks

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    Raven Tanks are your GRP Panel Water Tank specialists supplying commercial panel tanks to Australian industries for a range of applications.  

    Constructed from Glassfibre, its Reinforced Plastic design holds true to its reputation in durability and ultra-strong layout.  

    Assembled with bolted panels and a variety of standard components, Glassfibre Reinforced Plastic tanks feature the added convenience of not needing professional lining. 

    With premium-grade materials and experts to install them, Raven Tanks’ GRP water liquid storage tanks offer both multi-purpose conveniences combined with state-of-the-art quality. 

    Learn more about the differences between GRP tanks and regular steel-based water tanks by enquiring with our team today! 

    How Your GRP Panel Tanks are Made

    Raven Tanks’ GRP tanks are hot press moulded with Glassfibre Reinforced Plastic with polyester resins giving them an added, super-strong layer of protection. 

    Panels are processed with the GRP solution at 150 degrees Celcius, finishing each tank with a smooth, highly-controlled reinforced surface.  

    The final drilling stages follow its moulding processes are carried out with computerised, self-operating equipment ensuring tanks are manufactured with consistently strong construction. 

    Glassfibre Reinforced Plastic – Benefits & Features

    Between panel combinations and a corrosion-proof blueprint, Raven Tanks’ GRP models boast several unique and advantageous features including: 

    • Flexible, dynamic panel sizes – Our variously-shaped GRP tank panels integrate perfectly with your space and safety requirements. 
    • Destruction-resistance – Built to withstand a multitude of climate conditions and extreme weather events. 
    • Anti-rust properties – Unlike 100% steel tanks, the Glassfibre-reinforced panels are plastic-based with an ultra-high tolerance level for corrosion. 

    GRP Tank Customisation

    Raven Tanks offers a spectrum of GRP tank configuration, size, capacity and build options to facilitate a range of industrial and commercial uses.  

    We’ll modify and convert your tank’s base model to suit applicational requirements by adding, changing, or fitting: 

    • Internal dividers for simple liquid separation and contents management 
    • Insulation options 
    • Anti-vortex components 
    • Extra valves, hatches, ladders, or other access options 
    • Signage requirements  
    • Bolting options – Whether panels require specific internal/external bolting. 

    Chat to your local Raven Tank’s GRP tank specialist to discuss your specific build requirements! 

    Tank Care & Maintenance – Important Information

    Due to the operational nature and typical locations of GRP tanks, it’s common for water storage and fire water tanks to be neglected in terms of routine maintenance. 

    Basements and rooftops are where you’re likely to find GRP tanks, where stagnant water usually encourages bacterial growth. This inevitably leads to surface corrosion, and when left untreated long enough, results in tank component failure. 

    Risk mitigation and disaster prevention should always remain a priority as a commercial tank owner. Our top tips for safe, compliant, and injury-free panel tank ownership include: 

    • Contact a Raven Tanks inspection specialist to evaluate your tank’s condition if the tank’s last inspection was more than 1 year ago. 
    • If access permits, safely clear away any debris accumulating on tank roofs or near manholes and hatches.  
    • Install pest-eradication or bird-dropping prevention components to avoid/minimise contamination risks. 
    • Never attempt to enter or inspect or repair GRP tanks yourself – leave it to the licensed professionals! 

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