Panel Tanks

Panel Tanks by Raven Tanks

Raven Tanks specialise in the supply, construction and maintenance of premium-grade panel tank products.

Panel Tanks are extremely versatile, immensely durable and are available in a range of designs, capacities and panel orientations to suit your needs.

Produced from superior materials exhibiting unbeatable quality, Raven Tanks works alongside our customers to supply the very best in Australian-made Panel Tanks.

Panel Tanks – Common Applications

Raven Tanks supplies and installs stainless and galvanised steel Panel Tanks with sizes, panel and liner types for a number of residential and industrial purposes.

Our selection of Panel Tanks includes the traditional Round Panel Tank, Damper Tanks and the less conventional Square Panel Tank, offering complete installation services from fitment to fill.

The ‘panelled’ nature of these tanks allows assembly to take place without requiring large amounts of internal room or open space, making Panel Tank erection one of quickest, more cost-effective tank solutions on the market.

Standard applications for Panel Tanks may include:

  • General Water Storage – Perfect for rural or agricultural applications including installations on farms and remote properties.
  • Solar Water Storage – Ideal for hot water containment.
  • Commercial Applications – Suitable to various Hospitality industry requirements, erectable on building tops and within confined indoor spaces such as basements or underground commercial areas.
  • A number of Chemical Storage Applications

Panel Tanks – Our Expertise

Whether you’re a rural customer seeking high-performance water storage or require better liquid storage solutions for commercial applications, Raven Tanks have got you covered.

We offer quality, affordable Panel Tank construction, installation, maintenance and refurbishment solutions Australia-wide with expertise spanning several service areas including:

  • Complete Panel Tank Refurbishment – We perform everything from minor repairs to total tank overhauls.
  • Tank Liner Applications – We’ll assess your tank’s interior providing optimal replacement recommendations.
  • World-class Construction & Installation – Quality, fault-free installation of brand new Panel Tanks.
  • Component Installation – Repairs and replacements of connective components and other equipment and accessories including ladders, signage and more.
  • Inspections & Condition Reporting

Need an existing tank re-lined or serviced? Check out our Liners and Tank Refurbishment pages for further information.

Building Your Panel Tank

Regardless of the application or type of location, Raven Tanks can construct your new Panel Tank to suit all commercial and industrial positioning requirements.

Here are some modular details explaining the benefits of opting to install and utilise a Raven Tanks Panel Tank:

  • Ease of Access – All panels are designed to fit through standard entryways.
  • On-site Convenience – Hassle-free transportation with panels made compatible with building lifts, meaning wider application spectrums are possible.
  • Manufactured for Swift Setup – Our panel tanks are craned into position and welded together for faster, more effective installation ensuring you’re tank system is online in no time!
  • Multi-functionality – Great for both indoor and outdoor applications, our panel tanks can be installed just about anywhere and will contain almost all liquid substances!

Get in touch with the Raven Tanks Installation Team today to discuss your specific panel tank requirements or any other liquid storage solution enquiries you may have!

GRP Panel Water Tank

The GRP panel water tank serves as one of the biggest liquid storage containers that you can find and is a common sight at commercial or rural operations. Due to the large size of these containers, they are perfect for operations that are off the beaten track, or do not have a consistent supply of water. With the capacity to either construct a new container or assist you with repairs and maintenance of your current units, Raven Tanks are here to help.

How Can We Take Care of Your Industrial Panel Tank?

Despite the fact that we operate as one of the most successful panel tank manufacturers in Australia, we still find time to help our clients with:

  • Tank refurbishment. When your property has a few older tanks that are not performing as well, have us deal with the refurbishment and make them as good as new. By applying new liners and taking care of trouble areas, we can be proactive in reusing existing units.
  • Production and installation. Our company is responsible for the design and production of your tanks, taking specific details into account when manufacturing your storage units. By dealing with the production ourselves, we can ensure swift installation timelines without any irregularities in the quality of our materials.
  • Inspections and repairs. Our technicians can conduct thorough inspections of your tanks, having the experience to take note of, and deal with repairs on site.

Why Have Us Install Your GRP Panel Water Tank?

When working with Raven Tanks, you will notice that we perform our duties with attention to detail, making sure that the quality of each tank exceeds the industry standard. By assessing your storage needs we can provide you with invaluable advice and insight into how and where your storage units should be erected, when to conduct maintenance, and how to ensure that your liquids are stored safely.

For a liquid storage unit supplier that knows what they are doing, make sure that you only work with us.

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Are you in need of an industrial water storage solution? We are the leading liquid storage tank & liner manufacturers in Australia, with more than 20 professional years of service behind us.

Having your liquid storage system perform optimally is essential in any industry. Therefore your choice of liquid and water tank manufacturers and maintenance specialist  is paramount to the success of your project & ongoing asset integrity. We offer a wide variety of design, manufacturing, inspection, and maintenance services.

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