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About Us

Our History.

The Raven Tanks team has been building & maintaining Tanks for the last 20 Years | Servicing Tanks in Highrise Buildings, Power Stations, Processing Plants, Mines & Hospitals across Australia.

We offer a wide range of Design, Manufacturing and Onsite Services to help ensure tanks are maintained in accordance with relevant Australian Standards, Asset Warranties, Building Insurance Requirements and Design Codes.

The Raven Tanks Vision

As Australian liquid storage solution leaders for over 20 years, Raven Tanks continues to service and support commercial communities locally and nationally.

We’re forever persistent in expanding partnerships with our clients while we endeavour to offer improved and more comprehensive services to all our highly valued customers.

We’re working towards a supply and servicing structure capable of delivering universal and consistent user satisfaction without the quality sacrifice. At Raven Tanks, we promise to proudly pursue our pioneering role in the tank industry and unveiling our future plans to remain a competitive and top panel tank supplier among our clientele.

Tank Liners – Water & Chemical Storage

Premium protection begins with a heavy-duty, ultrapractical and high quality surface liner. Raven Tanks’ tank liners help safeguard interior coatings while preserving the unit’s overall lifespan.

Lining and layer requirements vary in accordance with application, with Raven Tanks offering expert direction on selecting anti-corrosion armour!

Speak to our team today about the best defensive barrier for your new or existing panel tanks.

Industrial Panel Tanks

Offering superior versatility, Raven Tanks’ industrial panel tanks are your most cost-effective, sustainable solution to non-hazardous water containment.

Select the perfect liquid storage system from our range with sizes and capacities to suit all commercial applications.

Modular GRP Tanks – Glass Reinforced Plastic

Long lasting and providing the best in structural resilience, our high performance glass reinforced plastic tanks are designed to safely and reliably contain both potable and hazardous liquids.

Low maintenance, corrosion resistant tank storage capable of withstanding the most problematic of outdoor environments.

We’ll assist with site-specific ordering and requests recommending ideal size options for a more precise, relevant and functional fit.

Have your GRP tanks online within 12 weeks of placing an order!

Design, Engineering & Consultation

Raven Tanks will negotiate a panel tank storage solution personalised to your unique, individual provisions. We’ll propose comprehensive commercial tank recommendations and collectively plan, manage and engineer your industry-compliant units.

We’ll also conduct AS1851-2012 Inspections on your current tanks providing detailed maintenance and repair insights while intercepting potential surface and structural issues.

Tank Inspections & Maintenance

Our technologically advanced tank examination procedures investigate and assess a range of tank issue types and severities. The Raven Tanks team will detect and locate surface leaks, early-stage corrosive damage, possible punctures and other structurally threatening dangers while advising necessary rectification steps.

Due for your tank’s routine safety inspection? Discuss it with us!

Fire Tanks

Whether it’s for rural, industrial or urban application, we specialise in all areas of Fire Tank servicing, construction, installation and upgrades. Maintaining your fire suppression tanks is pivotal for a number of safety and compliance purposes as strict requirements for keeping them in exceptional working order remain in effect nationwide.

We supply and install a spectrum of fire tank orientations including round, square and rectangular panelling designs.

ROV Underwater Drone Inspections

Improving and developing upon commercial storage tank safety, preservation and longevity relies on progressive and innovative observational techniques. Raven Tanks utilise drone and ROV technology to distantly scan and identify probable issues offering repair plans in respect to findings.

We’ll explore and evaluate your tank’s condition prescribing appropriate restoration works including leak control, preventative action and a range of other reconstructive enhancements.

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