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Food Grade Panel Tanks

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    Food Grade Panel Tanks – Things to Note

    Where the contents are intended to be consumed by humans, it’s important to know that not just any tank materials will suffice. 

    Australian potable water tanks must comply with AS/NZS4020, meaning you should opt for installing only high-quality food-grade compliant storage tanks installed by a licensed and qualified professional team.  

    Abnormal Water Tastes & Aromas 

    Depending on its materials, all brand-new panel tanks will likely transfuse a slightly noticeable potency into the water’s taste. Being often alarming but completely normal, odd flavours or odours will eventually diminish, becoming non-existent after several uses. 

    Zinc in galvanised water tanks can transfer a metallic or even sharp, sour taste to the water, while other concrete-based tanks may impose a more bitter flavour. 

    Our Food Grade Water Tank Types

    Lined Steel Panel Tanks 

    Fitted with a food-grade, premium-quality polyethylene liner, our steel panel tanks are ideal for everyday commercial potable water distribution. Poly liners prevent water from being exposed to the bare galvanised surface, reducing both internal corrosion and contamination. 

    Raven Tank’s liners are also fully compliant with AS/NZS4020, completing tank packages with galvanised fittings and components. 

    See our Tank Liners page for detailed product information, liner features, and each fitting’s specifications! 

    Stainless Steel Tanks 

    Stainless steel panel tanks provide A1 protection against fresh and saltwater corrosion. Perfect for outdoor and marine environments, stainless steel is oftentimes more complex to manufacture resulting in higher installation and servicing costs.  

    Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Tanks 

    Available with a food-grade compliant coating, Raven Tanks offers a range of modular Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic water containment solutions. Its fibreglass integration allows for improved water pressure management and strengthened paneling. GRP tanks can optimise food-grade water usage and are relatively inexpensive to produce and maintain. 

    Raven Tanks Molasses Tanks – Farming & Agriculture

    Livestock feed (such as molasses), requires specialised tanks for maintaining fresh storage, cost-efficiency, and nutrient savouring. Humans also consume substantial molasses qualities, widely used in certain food production industries.  

    We supply two types of regulation-compliant molasses tanks: 

    • Standard Molasses Tanks – Similar in design to a water tank, our classic, food-grade certified dry feed tank suits a range of farming and food storage applications. 
    • Funnel (Cone) Molasses Tanks – Our pyramidal-based or coned-shaped tank distributes the contents to a master outlet. Cone tanks require specially-engineered stands for convenient dispensation and more simplistic servicing – 100% contents discharge is achievable with cone tanks. 

    Are Panel Tanks Fire Resistant?

    Although steel tanks won’t burn or disintegrate in a major fire event, their seals and plastic resin will ultimately be destroyed amidst extreme heat exposure. In addition to discolouring the tank’s surfaces, any further damage will largely depend on its water levels.  

    Raven Tanks recommends our stainless steel panel tank packages for most outdoor, rural or coastal locations, especially where fire suppression is the tank’s primary purpose. 

    Any tank system that’s been significantly enflamed should always be completely replaced and never attempted to be refilled or reutilised, regardless of its material or design type.  

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