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    Raven Tanks supplies and installs quality Tank Liners to a wide range of panel tanks and water containment systems!

    Tank Liners are essentially a protective bladder insert applied to a tank’s interior walls preventing liquid from escaping the tank whether it be metal or concrete.

    Let’s look at what Tank Liners do and delve into why a liner might be the best solution.

    Common Tank Liner Applications

    Tank Liners are utilised in a variety of residential, commercial and industrial applications. Safely storing liquids in most tank models requires a long-lasting, reliable tank lining material capable of facilitating a range of containment systems including:

    • All general Water Storage Panel Tanks
    • Fire Tanks
    • Chemical Storage Tanks
    • Grey Water and Sullage Tanks
    • Other anti-contamination applications

    Why Tank Liners are Necessary – The Benefits

    A tank’s infrastructure is only as good as its Liner. Installing a Tank Liner is the most cost-effective sealing method for all types of tanks. Fitting a Tank Liner as a protective sealant is faster and a lot less expensive in comparison to using alternate leak-proofing options such as gasket and polyurethane sealant.

    Advantages of installing a high-quality Tank Liner include:

    • Minimal time for tanks to be offline during installation.
    • 15 Year Standard Warranty on most liner materials
    • Heavy-duty, industrial-strength leak-proofing – They remain impeccably intact even after extensive ground movement providing seepage-free protection for years.
    • They’re incredibly dynamic – designed to be compatible with both modern and older-style tank setups.
    • Avoids the need for waterproofing paints, chemicals and epoxies in confined spaces.
    • Installs consistently with all current equipment, sumps and supports meaning only minor installation efforts are needed.
    • They help maintain the quality of water, chemicals and all sorts of other liquid substances.
    • The highly-recommended option for complete tank restorations.

    Why consult Raven Tanks to install your Tank Liner?

    The team at Raven Tanks have been conducting professional Tank Liner installations for decades among performing various other tank-erecting and maintenance services to satisfied customers nationwide.

    We laser-measure every tank in preparation for its Liner fitment ensuring an extraordinarily accurate seal every time!

    Here’s how we assure customers our products and workmanship always exceed expectations:

    • All potable Tank Liners are certified to industry code AS/NZS4020:2005.
    • We’re fully qualified for Confined Space and Working at Heights installations.
    • We’re extensively skilled in fitting all tank types and capacities – from smaller yard-friendly tanks to multi-million-litre units.
    • We’ll gladly take on the big projects– Extra-large Liners can be joined on-site allowing us to accommodate unexpected size discrepancies.
    • Our team are experienced in working with both common and specialised Tank Lining products including everything from standard PVC Liners,  Aeon PTR and Polyurethane Epoxy-sealed.

    Tank Liner Installation – Associated Costs

    Tank Liner costs vary between projects and are subject to a number of factors. We welcome customers to request a quote either by:

    Providing their own tank details and measurements for a Liner recommendation and cost estimate, or
    Arranging an inspection of an existing tank for the most accurate advice and pricing guide.

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