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PVC Liners

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    PVC or polyvinyl chloride has been utilised for fabrication, engineering, repair works, and a plenitude of other industrial applications for decades.

    A PVC water tank liner is essentially a plastic fabric ‘shield’ protecting the tank’s inner surface from the stored liquid.

    PVC is the most commonly used tank liner material, producing ultra-strong tank liners and bladder liners of all shapes and sizes.

    Custom-made PVC tank liners guarantee a firmer, more secure fitting and heightened defence, decreasing opportunities for unwanted movement.

    Why Purchase a Raven Tanks PVC Tank Liner?

    Raven Tanks’ PVC water tank liners are quality-engineered, expertly installed, and backed by a standard 10-year warranty!

    By opting for a Raven Tanks tank liner installation package, you’ll be receiving a/an:

    • Quote including the liner and installation services within 24 hours of enquiry.
    • One-month guarantee for the full installation to be completed.
    • Professionally lined water storage system from a team with 20+ years in the industry.
    • Universally-suitable product – PVC liners can be fabricated to fit concrete water tanks, fire tanks, GRP panel tanks, and all shaped and sized galvanised steel tanks.
    • Affordable, highly-personalised project plan designed to minimise downtimes and outages.
    • Exclusively engineered tank liner product made to fit each individual tank’s dimensions.

    Why a Professional Installation is Critical

    Minimal to zero customisation or redesign work should be required for most PVC tank liners to fit and function perfectly. Poorly installed PVC tank liners are prone to overlap issues meaning the material can eventually penetrate cracks formed in concrete water tanks.

    Subpar PVC water tank liner installation provides low-quality, inadequate corrosion protection in conjunction with causing:

    • Material displacement
    • Tiny or major tears in the liner fabric
    • Liquid to contact the naked steel surface initiating corrosive damage and further contamination issues
    • The likelihood of a possibly compromised product due to inexperience – i.e. accidental and undetectable material piercings during application.

    Always consult and arrange an expert to install your PVC tank liners. Raven Tanks offer manufacturer’s and workmanship warranties on all tank liner products – Attempting a self-installation or consulting unqualified or unlicensed teams should never be considered.


    Benefits of Installing a PVC Tank Liner

    PVC is a highly-flexible textile proven to offer an extremely long-lasting service life in water tank waterproofing. Polyvinyl chloride sheeting is one of the best, most durable solutions on how to seal a concrete water tank, and provides prime protection against severe internal surface corrosion.

    Choosing a Raven Tanks PVC water tank liner for your industrial panel tanks or concrete water tanks offers:

    • Unmatched robustness, durability and longevity to extend your potable and fire tank systems’ lifespan by years
    • Multi-substance resistance – Suitable to contain everything from drinking water to chemicals or hazardous liquids
    • Ideal for high-performance applications
    • Mega-resistant to abrasions, tearing and ruptures
    • A simple, moisture-eliminating installation – Humidity build-up between a tank liner and a tank’s surface causes a range of quality-compromising complications
    • Prevents newer concrete water tanks from cracking, as well as repairs existing leaks in older tanks.

    Contact the Raven Tanks team today to learn more about our PVC tank liner services and applicational suitability, or to schedule an onsite inspection or quote today!

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