Does My Water Tank Need a Waterproofing Membrane?

Ensuring your water tank is up to par is crucial in a world plagued by water use and waste concerns.

Waterproofing membranes play an important role in protecting your water tank from issues such as leaks, cracks, and other damage. But how do you know if your water tank needs a waterproofing membrane?

At Raven Tanks, we are committed to helping our clients maintain the integrity of their water tanks. With years of experience installing tank waterproofing systems, we’ve seen – and know – a thing or two about membranes!

So what do you need to know about waterproofing and your water tank?

What is a Waterproofing Membrane?

A waterproofing membrane is a layer of protection applied to a water tank’s exterior. This membrane helps to prevent water from seeping into the tank, which can cause leaks, cracks, and other damage.

Waterproofing membranes are available in a variety of materials, including plastic, rubber, and asphalt. They can be applied in many different ways, depending on the type of surface and the level of waterproofing protection needed.

For concrete tanks, a liquid barrier solution is often the most appropriate. Liquid polyurethane coatings provide an enhanced level of waterproofing protection against cracks and other vulnerable surface areas. Made of durable plastic, these coatings form a barrier that is impermeable to water.

When is a Waterproofing Membrane Necessary?

There are a few different factors that will help you determine if your water tank needs a waterproofing membrane:

1. The type of water tank you have: Water tanks come in a variety of materials, including concrete, steel, and fiberglass. Each type of tank has its own set of vulnerabilities when it comes to leaks and cracks. For example, concrete tanks are more prone to cracks than steel tanks. As a result, concrete tanks often require a waterproofing membrane in order to prevent water from seeping through cracks and causing damage.

2. The location of your water tank: The location of your water tank can also affect its vulnerability to leaks and cracks. Tanks located underground or in areas with high amounts of rainfall are more likely to experience issues with water seepage. In these cases, a waterproofing membrane can help to prevent water from causing damage to your tank.

3. The age of your water tank: Older water tanks are more likely to experience leaks and cracks due to wear and tear. It is always appropriate to schedule routine maintenance checks for your water tank, regardless of its age. However, if your water tank is older or has experienced significant wear and tear, a waterproofing membrane may be necessary in order to prevent leaks and cracks.

4. The purpose of your water tank: The purpose of your water tank will also help to determine if a waterproofing membrane is necessary. For example, if you have a water tank that is used for on-site firefighting, it is important to have a waterproofing membrane in order to prevent water damage.

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The Risks of Not Using a Waterproofing Membrane

If your water tank does not have a waterproofing membrane, it is at risk of experiencing leaks and cracks.

These issues can lead to water damage, which can be costly to repair. In some cases, water damage can even render your water tank unusable. As a result, it is always best to err on the side of caution and use a waterproofing membrane if there is any chance that your water tank could benefit from one.

Investing in a waterproofing membrane can help protect your water tank – and your property – from costly water damage.

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Raven Tanks is Here to Help

If you are unsure whether or not your water tank needs a waterproofing membrane, the team at Raven Tanks can help. With an expert eye, you can quickly and easily determine the best course of action for your water tank.

We are experienced in installing all types of tank waterproofing systems, and we would be happy to assess your water tank and provide recommendations. Our team offers mobile services – and we will travel to your location to assess your water tank and provide a quote. Contact us today to get started.

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