How AS 1851-2012 Standards Ensure Water Tank Safety and Efficiency in Australia

Regular maintenance of fire protection systems is part of every building owner’s responsibility to ensure adequate property and life protection through inspections and maintenance performed in accordance with AS1851-2012.

The primary goal of AS 1851-2012 maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment is to review the fundamentals and frequency standards. This specifies when and how standards must be met. It goes over every detail, such as water storage, electric and diesel pumps, and alarm systems. Electric and diesel pumps, in particular, are reviewed every 30 days. The fire hydrant system is complex, and review standards call for a six-month checkup.

Compliance with the maintenance requirements of AS1851-2012 is an obligation under various State Acts and Regulations around Australia.

In accordance with AS1851-2012, the inspection, testing, and maintenance of Fire Water Storage Tanks is critical to fire safety. These water tank safety store the water required by fire pumps and suppression systems.

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This includes the following:

      • – Internal ROV inspection of all tank components, ensuring easy and safe access while the tank is in service.

      • – A diver option is available, with additional rudiments required to ensure safety.

      • – Water tank safety components are subjected to external inspection.

    The primary reason for AS1851-2012’s existence is safety. Because these systems exist to protect people and property from the dangers of fire, they must be kept in good working order.

    Building owners and managers must be familiar with this standard because it is required by law in some cases. It is critical for building owners or managers to keep these systems in good working order in order to ensure the safety of people and property.

    Without regular inspections as required by AS1851-2012:

        • – Are you covered if your fire tanks fail during a fire?

        • – Are your fire water storage tanks in accordance with the most recent AS1851 standards?

        • – You have met your duty of care and will be able to defend your actions if a system failure occurs during a fire event.

        • – Do you have a record of compliance against the standard performed by a competent person?

      ROV Annual Logbook Inspection

      Comply with AS1851-2012 annual inspection requirements including:

          • – ROV tank inspection to reduce risks;

          • – Internal tank component ROV video;

          • – External component photographs;

          • – Completion of the AS1851-2012 logbook.

        According to Australian Water Association “AS1851-2021 is a comprehensive Standard that outlines the requirements for the inspection and testing of fire protection systems. It is essential for anyone responsible for fire safety to be aware of its contents and ensure that their fire protection systems comply with the Standard.

        For Australian business owners or managers, failing to comply with AS1851-2012 can have serious consequences, including fines or imprisonment. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your fire protection systems are regularly serviced and maintained following the Standard.”

        Water tank safety are confined spaces because they are not normally occupied, and their design and configuration provide limited means of entry and exit. Workers must be familiar with the hazards of such spaces and have a plan for safe entry, work, and exit when they are entered for periodic inspection and maintenance. Typically, these tanks are entered through a hatch in the top of the tank, requiring workers to climb to the top of the tank, where there may be no guardrails to prevent falls and often no appropriate anchorage points for the connection of fall protection devices. Because of rusting or decomposition, the atmosphere inside the tank can be hazardous.

        If a fire threatens the safety of private citizens living nearby, mandatory regulations are in place to ensure the safety of hundreds of workers, their facilities, and the surrounding areas. They can be used by businesses, homes, municipalities, or simply as a backup water supply in rural areas.

        If the site does not have available maintenance personnel to repair surface rust or built-up soil against a fire tank, other maintenance can be performed.

        Tank cleaning and repairs are also carried out by industry tank specialists.

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