Regular maintenance of fire protection systems is part of every building owner’s responsibility to ensure adequate property and life protection through inspections and maintenance performed in accordance with AS1851-2012.

The primary goal of AS 1851-2012 maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment is to review the fundamentals and frequency standards. This specifies when and how standards must be met. It goes over every detail, such as water storage, electric and diesel pumps, and alarm systems. Electric and diesel pumps, in particular, are reviewed every 30 days. The fire hydrant system is complex, and review standards call for a six-month checkup.

Compliance with the maintenance requirements of AS1851-2012 is an obligation under various State Acts and Regulations around Australia.

What is AS 1851-2012?


Explanation of AS 1851-2012 Standards

AS 1851-2012 stands as a set of guidelines and regulations established by the Australian government to maintain fire protection systems and equipment. It encompasses a wide range of elements crucial for fire safety, and among them is the inspection and maintenance of water tanks.

Development and Adoption of AS 1851-2012 in Australia

The journey of AS 1851-2012 began with a collective effort from industry experts, engineers, and regulatory bodies. It was developed to address the need for comprehensive standards that could guarantee the reliability and effectiveness of essential fire protection systems.

Scope and Applicability of the Standards

AS 1851-2012 casts a wide net when it comes to its scope. It covers everything from inspection intervals and testing protocols to documentation requirements. This set of standards isn’t exclusive to a single type of water tank; it extends its reach to cover both above-ground and below-ground tanks, regardless of size or function.

In following AS1851-2012, the inspection, testing, and maintenance of Fire Water Storage Tanks is critical to fire safety. These water tanks store the water required by fire pumps and suppression systems.

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This includes the following:

      • – Internal ROV inspection of all tank components, ensuring easy and safe access while the tank is in service.

      • – A diver option is available, with additional rudiments required to ensure safety.

      • – Water tank components are subjected to external inspection.

    The primary reason for AS1851-2012’s existence is safety. Because these systems exist to protect people and property from the dangers of fire, they must be kept in good working order.

    Building owners and managers must be familiar with this standard because it is required by law in some cases. They must keep these systems in good working order to ensure the safety of people and property.

    Without regular inspections as required by AS1851-2012:

        • Are you covered if your fire tanks fail during a fire?

        • Are your fire water storage tanks in accordance with the most recent AS1851 standards?

        • You have met your duty of care and will be able to defend your actions if a system failure occurs during a fire event.

        • Do you have a record of compliance against the standard performed by a competent person?

      ROV Annual Logbook Inspection

      Comply with AS1851-2012 annual inspection requirements including:

          • ROV tank inspection to reduce risks: ROV tank inspection involves the use of remotely operated vehicles, equipped with cameras and sensors, to assess the condition of water tanks. 

          • IInternal tank component ROV video: ROV technology allows us to peer inside water tanks without the need for costly and time-consuming physical inspections. These high-tech vehicles are equipped with cameras and sensors that can capture every nook and cranny of the tank’s interior. We get a real-time view of the condition of the tank, helping us identify potential issues before they become major problems.

          • Completion of the AS1851-2012 logbook: The AS 1851-2012 logbook is more than just a paperwork requirement. It’s a critical tool in maintaining the safety and efficiency of water tanks in Australia. By diligently completing and maintaining this logbook, you’re not only ensuring compliance with standards but also contributing to the overall safety of your community and environment.

        According to Australian Water Association “AS1851-2021 is a comprehensive Standard that outlines the requirements for the inspection and testing of fire protection systems. It is essential for anyone responsible for fire safety to be aware of its contents and ensure that their fire protection systems comply with the Standard.

        For Australian business owners or managers, failing to comply with AS1851-2012 can have serious consequences, including fines or imprisonment. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your fire protection systems are regularly serviced and maintained following the Standard.”

        Ensuring Water Tank Safety and Efficiency

        Here’s why compliance with AS 1851-2012 standards and continuous improvement in water tank safety and efficiency should be a shared commitment for all Australians.

            • – Public Health and Safety. Compliance with AS 1851-2012 standards ensures that water tanks meet rigorous safety and quality standards. This commitment directly impacts public health by providing access to clean and safe water, safeguarding against contamination, and reducing the risk of waterborne diseases.

            • – Environmental Stewardship. Water tank efficiency and compliance with standards contribute to environmental sustainability. Efficient water storage and distribution systems reduce water waste, conserve precious resources, and minimize the carbon footprint associated with water treatment and transportation.

            • – Economic Benefits. Adherence to standards and ongoing improvements in water tank systems can lead to cost savings for individuals and businesses. Efficient water use reduces water bills, while the longevity of well-maintained tanks minimizes replacement and repair costs.

            • – Resilience to Water Scarcity. Australia frequently faces water scarcity challenges. Compliant and efficient water tanks help communities and individuals become more resilient during droughts and water shortages, ensuring a reliable source of water when it’s needed most.

            • – Regulatory Compliance. Compliance with AS 1851-2012 standards is often a regulatory requirement. A shared commitment to compliance ensures that individuals and organizations avoid potential legal issues and penalties.

            • – Community Well-Being. Access to clean and reliable water contributes to the well-being of communities. Shared efforts to maintain water tank safety and efficiency benefit everyone by providing a stable and essential resource.

            • – Educational Opportunities. Promoting compliance and continuous improvement in water tank systems offers educational opportunities for individuals and organizations. It encourages learning and best practices in water management, fostering a culture of expertise and responsibility.

          A shared commitment to compliance with AS 1851-2012 standards and the continuous improvement of water tank safety and efficiency benefits public health, the environment, the economy, and the resilience of communities. It ensures access to clean water, reduces waste, and promotes responsible water management practices for the benefit of all Australians.

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